Making Monday: Eating the elephant

It appears I took an unscheduled blog-break for a week or so there. Maybe I over-Tweeted and wore myself out! Although it was more likely sheer exhaustion through a combination of working on the flat and the dark mornings/evenings. Every year I’m surprised at how badly SAD affects me and underestimate how much time I’ll need to stabilise as the days grow shorter. If my grumpiness over the weekend is anything to go by, I need at least another week!

Rather than try to catch up all at once, I’m going to try to post a little something each day this week, clearing out my backlog of photos and finally talking about all the lovely things I’ve seen lately.

Okay, this wasn’t lately, this was actually back at the beginning of September! The lovely ladies at Stitch Perfect in Birmingham made me very welcome even though I was stopping them from going home. It’s a real gem of a shop, tiny but perfectly formed and with some lovely locally spun yarn as well as beautiful brands like Handmaiden.

The shop is a bit off the beaten track, but utterly worth the trip. If you live in or near Birmingham, I definitely recommend it. I got a bit lost finding it, but it only took me about 15/20 minutes to get back to New Street afterwards, when I actually knew where I was going. Fortunately, they also do mail order, so if you can’t get there, you can still shop!

In more recent news, I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about crafting rather than actually doing, partly prompted by doing some tidying up and finding this lot.

Those are just SOME of my works in progress at the moment. Honestly, the situation’s getting out of hand. I haven’t dared think about my sewing projects as well! Rather than wear myself out by having a frantic finishing session, I sat down, gathered everything up and made myself some lists. It’s much easier to tackle things when you know what you actually have to tackle!

FairyFace Designs

On the basis that it’s nice to feel that you’re not alone when trying to get through things, I’m going to be joining in with the Winter Stitching projects over at Fairy Face Designs, assigning projects to months with the hopes that by the end of next year, I’ll finish one crochet, one quilt and one other sewing project each month. Saying I’ll limit myself to one project a month just won’t work for me, but having a list for the year means I don’t feel under so much pressure. I am in charge of my projects, they are not in charge of me!

I’ve almost finished this shawl – which is what I’ve mostly been making lately – and once I do, it’s full steam ahead with my year’s list.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering about the subject line, it comes from one of my mother’s (an ardent elephantaphile) favourite sayings:

How do you eat an elephant? In very small pieces.

To see what others have been making this week, head over to Natalie’s at The Yarn Yard, here.


4 thoughts on “Making Monday: Eating the elephant

    1. It was beautiful – I loved that they had their ‘own brand’ yarn as well as brands I knew. And they were incredibly friendly, which also helps 🙂


  1. Stitch Perfect has gone on my list of places to visit when next in Brum (I fly into Brum when visiting family, so it should be possible to fit in a visit sometime!).

    Love your shawl – great colour and it looks like it would grow quite quickly. I have a shawl on my list to crochet but with lace weight yarn – I have a feeling that could take a while, but I’m working to a Christmas deadline, so that should focus me. The only new projects I’m allowed right now are for Christmas presents!!


    1. I definitely recommend Stitch Perfect – they’re a bit off the beaten track but worth the trip, to chat to if nothing else!

      The colour is amazing and the yarn has been lovely to work. Even in lace, I find that crochet grows quite quickly. What pattern are you using?


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