My Creative Space – Learning to let go

Thanks to everyone who commented on my shawl yesterday! I’ve been really gloomy about pretty much everything lately, so the combination of my colourful shawl and such encouraging comments really lifted my spirits, thank you!

I managed to finish the edging this morning, and since I won’t have time for a FO Friday post tomorrow, here’s a small ‘ta-da’!

Since I won’t have time to block it before tomorrow, I was trying to stretch it a bit before wearing it. I think it worked.

Oh, and hopefully I’ll remember to weave in the ends!

This is another shawl that I finished recently and will be going off to a friend today. It’s made from Knitting Goddess Alpaca/Silk and the pattern is Eva’s shawl which is free on Ravelry. Like the All Shawl, it’s a lovely, easy crochet that really shows off the yarn well, and I’ve already started winding a skein of Yarn Yarn (below) to make another.

The thing is, at the moment I have lots and lots of works in progress. Off the top of my head, there are 2 crochet cardigans, a laceweight shawl, a sock yarn shawl, three dresses and a couple of tops. Normally, I really love having lots of things on the go as it means I can pick up whatever I feel like making at the time. In our current living conditions, which are strained to say the least, they feel more like burdens, reminders of everything I’m not getting done.

Under these circumstances, it feels a bit daft to be starting something new. All those WsIP are banging on the sides of the cupboard, waiting to be picked up and finished. Except I don’t feel like working on any of them right now. I want to make this, from this yarn, for a friend who lives a long way away. I can’t do much for her, but I can make this.

With the nights (and mornings) drawing in, my SAD has kicked in with a vengeance, and it’s really hard to get myself motivated right now. I think at times like these, the important thing is to be kind to yourself and do what you want to do, rather than what you feel you ought to do, especially when it’s a hobby rather than your job. And making this shawl means I can be kind to myself and someone else at the same time.

Yes, there’s washing to be picked up, washing up to be done, things to be crocheted, sewn painted, sanded, cooked and drilled, but sometimes, what you really need to do it take a step back, let some of it go, and do what you really, actually want to do.

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