Making Monday – What a weekend!

After a CRAZYBUSY week at work last week, I’d hoped to get something of a rest over the weekend. Instead, things were just as busy on the home front. To help me keep track, I spammed Twitter for most of the weekend, and as a result, have quite a few pictures of what I got done.

Clockwise from top left: The kitchen on Friday night, Saturday morning, the bedroom on Sunday morning, Appliances in the living room on Saturday.

Despite the state of the kitchen on Friday, and the fact that our lightbulbs blew and I didn’t have any spares, I spend Friday evening cooking. Given what happened later, I’m glad that I did! Having food in while you have no space for cooking is absolutely essential.

Clockwise from top left: Tagine, Saturday lunch, Apple scones, Coffee on the move

The tagine was pretty amazing, even if I do say so myself. Really rich, and full of fruit with just a little bit of lamb. The scones weren’t quite so good, but I had trouble getting the dough to the right consistency, so I’m not really surprised by that. The entire weekend was pretty much run on scones, ginger nuts and tea, although I managed to sneak in some takeaway coffees as well.

I needed the coffee to help me keep going! Over the weekend, I visited B&Q (twice), Screwfix, Toolstation and Wilkinsons. If Wickes wasn’t on the wrong side of Oxford and we hadn’t been so pressed for time, I’m sure I would have been over there as well.

By the end of Saturday, I was qualified to buy plumbing supplies all by myself. Then on Sunday, I foolishly tried to bring a week’s shopping home on the bus (ow), but made up for it by treating myself to some new ‘work shoes’, to save my nice ones from getting covered in paint and dust!

So what did I make over the weekend? Well, while my husband and father in law made a mess and quite a few holes, I made food, I did some crochet, I tidied up so much that I couldn’t work out how it kept getting messy again, and, oh yes, I put together 3 pieces of IKEA furniture with minimum fuss.

None of which is very comforting when I left the flat this morning and it was still a tip. *sigh*. Also, we’ll have no kitchen sink or washing machine for 2 weeks, there are no panels on the side of the bath and the living room is still uninhabitable. Oh, and work looks like this week is pretty much going to pick up where the last one left off.

If anyone needs me, I’m the busy blur that just went past!

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3 thoughts on “Making Monday – What a weekend!

    1. We’re coping, and once I get things straightened out tonight, I think we’ll be okay. We can at least get on with things like cupboards in the kitchen, and we have hot water – relaxing baths are going to be essential, I think!

      I love the mug too 🙂 It was a present from a friend and gets plenty of use!


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