Making Monday: Making the best of it

It’s a funny thing. This is my 100th post, and my first since I turned 30. Sadly, I have acquired no deep insights into secrets for thinner thighs, only Ikea furniture and more plumbing supplies than a sane woman should really own.

Photo by cmurtaugh on Flickr

Equally sadly, our lovely holiday in Cornwall was somewhat spoiled by bad weather, bad news from home and a difficult holiday apartment. It wasn’t bad, just that I would like to know in advance if I’m going to need pound coins for the electricity meter. Although the power cut on Tuesday morning probably saved us some money, even if it did deprive us of coffee.

But I’m trying not to be all doom and gloom, despite what my mood is trying to do to me. The evenings are starting to draw in, and my SAD-sensor has started to go off. This year, I’ve swallowed my pride and got my daylight lamp going already, which is definitely helping me stay awake at my desk after a rather stressful Sunday!

The one thing I am rather proud of right now is that I managed to wear something I’d made myself everyday that we were on holiday. Given the study/craft room looks like the plumbing department of Wickes, I probably won’t be able to pick up Self-stitched September until I’ve done some washing, but at least I kept the pledge for 2 weeks!

The other lovely thing has been ploughing through the 600+ (!) items in my Google Reader, weeding out the dross and settling in to read some truly beautiful and inspiring blog posts. Just when they’re starting to make me feel horribly inadequate, I stumble across one or two that lift my spirits and remind me that I love to and can make beautiful things.

So I’m taking that as my first lesson since turning 30. There’s always a silver lining.

Photo by Bruce Turner on Flickr

I hope to start catching up with people this week as I get the work pit and the washing mountain under control. I put some give-away packages together before my holiday, but sadly DIY got in the way, so that’s still to come, along with some projects that are coming along nicely, my self-stitched wardrobe and possibly even a tutorial or two if I can find the camera under the pipework.

Hope you’ve all had good starts to the Autumn. It’s all downhill to Christmas now! 😀


4 thoughts on “Making Monday: Making the best of it

    1. It’s a shame really, isn’t it? Somehow I expected to feel different. Mostly my 30s have brought me a shedload more stress, so hopefully by 33, some wisdom will have sunk in!


  1. Such a shame the holiday wasn’t up to much … but I have to ask whether you took your sewing machine in the end?!!! And I think it’s fantastic that you’ve managed 2 weeks of self-stitched September.

    It’s funny how we attach such importance to the big 3-0, isn’t it?! The only insight I got was that I would have to start watching my calorie intake as the weight started to go on at an alarming rate (sigh).

    Do you have a special daylight lamp for SAD … or would any lamp with a daylight bulb work? I’m thinking of getting something before the winter sets in. I hate dark mornings and evenings.

    Hope you get on top of the washing pile soon 🙂


    1. Hee, I’d forgotten about that! No, I settled for filling a whole crate with yarn and taking that with me instead. I got some really good crocheting done 🙂

      My own wardrobe suggests that I need to take the same insight on board. I have too many clothes I can’t wear!

      I actually have 2 lamps for my SAD. One is a little LED one that sits on my computer at work, and the other is a great big lightbox that lives at home for the evenings. It’s surprisingly useful for craft as well! They’re both made by Lumie and are much brighter than the kind of bulb you fit to a normal fitting. We do have full-spectrum bulbs in most of our rooms though, and I absolutely love them. One comes on with a timer on dark winter mornings, or I’d stand no chance at all of getting out of bed!

      I don’t so much have a washing pile as a washing…floor. At least, I assume the floor is under there somewhere, as something must be holding all the clothes up!


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