Making Monday 4: Stash Building

One day I’m going to be able to start my blog posts without the words ‘I haven’t been too well’. Today is not that day. So apologies for lack of quality photos right now – getting things off the real camera is too much for my tired little brain, and my phone makes things much easier! Just 4 days to the holiday. Not that I’m counting.

It has to be said that if I have a particular skill for anything, it would probably be shopping. I never tire of it, it’s endlessly interesting, and I can keep going long after lots of people would just give up. My fabric and yarn stashes are testament to this talent. However on this occasion, I’m not stashing yet more material.

These are some of the clothes I’ve made for Self Stitched September ’11 (see button in sidebar for more details), and I hope to add 2 or 3 more things by the end of the week. Although I’ll admit I didn’t ‘make’ the denim dress, I refashioned it from one that didn’t really fit. But I did make everything else hanging up there, and I’m dead proud of them. The other thing I’m proud of is finally going through all these lovely fabrics that I’ve been hoarding. Yes, they look beautiful all piled up in pretty colours, but they look much more beautiful when paraded around town in garments that I made myself!

I’ve got other things on the go, of course.

I’m into the hand-binding bit of the quilt, which is definitely my least-favourite part because it goes so slowly. It’s worth it for the neat finish but it’s requiring more patience than I really have at the moment!

And finally, this might not be exciting to you, but I’ve been doing a small happy dance over this last picture.

The first coat of paint is on the bedroom walls! Which means that we’ll be back to sleeping in there soon instead of being all cramped into the living room. Hoorah!

Head over to The Yarn Yard here to join in with other makers!


4 thoughts on “Making Monday 4: Stash Building

    1. I’ve found dressmaking great for improving my sewing skills generally, as well as teaching me to actually sew in a straight line! Although for once, I’ve started a craft at the beginner’s level and am working my way up, instead of trying something far too difficult and getting disheartened.

      As for the walls, I should confess that Himself did most of that work. You might want to hold back on the job offer until you see my efforts!


  1. I actually quite enjoy handstitching the binding. You get to see every inch of your quilt close up and that’s when I feel like it’s properly part of me. I do mostly do it in front of mindless TV, though.


    1. I think I would enjoy it more if I wasn’t so clumsy. I have such a tendency to stick the pins in myself and get the quilt attached to my clothing that it tends to make it a bit of a battle!


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