My Creative Space: A Brown Study

Oh dear, the consensus after yesterday seems to be that taking a sewing machine on holiday isn’t going to be a winner. *sad face* It won’t take up that much room in the car! And I can be really sneaky when I try. Maybe I could disguise it somehow.

Yeah. That’ll work.

Er. Moving on to more conventional expressions of creativity…

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’m going to be taking part in Self-Stitched September this year which means I’m on a dress-making frenzy at the moment.

yes, I know I’m using a picture from yesterday. Shhh, I don’t think anyone’s noticed

There are about 12 projects in there, and even I’m not mad enough to think I can get through all of them in time, but I hope by being wildly over-ambitious I might get something done. The way I tend to work is to cut everything out, then sit at the sewing machine for a few hours and put it all together so that at the end I have 3 or 4 things done all at once. That satisfies the binge-sewist in me and makes me feel really productive, even thought it’s taken me the same amount of time as it would to make them one at a time. Does anyone else do that? Of course, it’s easier if everything in the same session is the same colour, as you don’t have to keep changing threads.

To that end, I cut a brown dress out over the weekend, then last night I was going to make myself a brown Sorbetto.

I’ve had these pillowcases for a year or so, and I bought them because I loved the print, but when I put the Sorbetto pieces on them, there was something not quite right. You can’t tell from the photo, but the pillows’ sides haven’t been pressed dead flatover the years so that they’ve developed lighter lines down the seams which would make my top do rather odd things. And since the Sorbetto pieces come out over the seams, it was all getting a bit complicated. But I don’t give in that easily, and realised the Pendrell blouse pieces are much slimmer and would fit to the pattern much better.

It took me a while to position the pieces on the pattern, but now everything’s cut, I’m really chuffed with the arrangement. Also, since I plan to cheat a little with the arm and neck binding (no-one tell on me!), I’m hoping it’ll come together more quickly than my last Pendrell.

Ooh, speaking of Pendrells, has anyone else who’s made one had trouble with the length? I had to lop about 5 inches off the bottom of mine just to get it to sit on my hips!

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10 thoughts on “My Creative Space: A Brown Study

  1. You made me laugh. I can just see a sewing machine with a mustache!

    Oh I’m totally envious of your ability to sew dresses. It’s on my “to learn” list. I love the fabric and can’t wait to see the finished product!


    1. I think it’s a very cunning disguise. My husband will never notice!

      I’m finding that the main difference with dressmaking is that I have to use my brain more, but apart from that, it’s much like all sewing. Definitely worth giving a go! Hopefully I’ll keep up ‘outfit a day’ posts in September so you guys can see how I’m doing 🙂


    1. I managed to finish the blouse, so it’ll appear in September! I’m hoping it’ll go well with the rest of my wardrobe.

      Drat, my cunning plan was foiled! I’ll have to come up with something else…


  2. i totally love the print on the pillow cases! hahaha i also can see a sewing machine with a mustashe.I too very envious wish i could sew dresses.I brought the book girls world with the most beautiful girls dresses in it.Maybe one day.
    xo 🙂


    1. It’s great being able to use these things up, as they’ve been sitting in my stash for far too long.

      I’m finding that if I can sew in a straight line, I can sew most things. Although one of the dresses on my list has sleeves, so that might be more of a challenge! But little sleeveless things are nice and simple and worth having a go at, definitely 🙂


  3. You’re so brave, 12 projects on the go. I’m a one project at a time kinda gal but I’m dying to finish the quilt so I can start sewing a dress. The pillowcases are really pretty.


    1. Heh, only 2 or 3 of them are actually on the go at once. The rest are in my queue, but I find that knowing what I want to make next helps me finish what I’m making more quickly!


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