WIP Wednesday: Stash-diving

Wednesday already? Only 3 days to the weekend? Awesome!

I’ve been horribly exhausted over the last few days, so decided it was probably best not to sit down at the sewing machine. I could end up with some impromptu free-motion quilting by dozing off with my foot on the pedal! Instead, I spent a happy hour or so sorting through my fabric and matching it to patterns. I won’t get most of these done in time for Self-Stitched September (more on that tomorrow), but it feels good to know where I’m going. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for terribly impressive WIP pictures.

This is my quilting box. I only have 2 quilts planned at the moment, which feels nice and manageable. Also, all those solids in different colours look lovely together.

These are the fabric pieces matched to patterns. I have a list of notions to shop for, and hopefully I’ll get at least some of these done in time to wear in September.

Before anyone gets any ideas, yes, that’s a tape measure in the shot glass. I have a collection of shot glasses that I use as craft storage, honest!

And this is a true WIP! Yup, it’s that quilt again, a bit scrunched up to fit on our dining table, but in the actual quilting stage at last. The binding is probably my least favourite part because I find it so fiddly, so that will happen next week, I think. Will I make it in time for the 26th? Tune in later to find out!

Also, I’m starting to think about what sewing/crochet/knitting I want to take on holiday with me. Well, actually I’ve decided on the knitting, but the others are still being decided. Since we’re staying in the UK and will be taking the car, I have seriously thought “I wonder if I could put my sewing machine in…” Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s thought this!

To see what other people are working on this week, click the picture below to take you to Tami’s blog.


19 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Stash-diving

  1. My husband would kill me if I even suggested taking the sewing machine away on holiday! He’ll suffer a bit of crochet or knitting (as long as I do neither in public!!), but sewing – no way!!


    1. I suspect mine would have much the same reaction! But he goes out for long walks while I sit in the holiday apartment and what the view, so would he really notice, do you think?

      Maybe I could sneak it into the car boot when he’s not looking ;D

      Or maybe I’ll just take some hand-sewing…


  2. My bf just about tolerates me knitting in the car (he’s much happier with magic loop than when I was using DPNs !), not sure he’d be thrilled if I took my sewing machine though πŸ˜‰


    1. I sometimes crochet in the car – hooks don’t have the same pointy issues as DPNs! – but haven’t tried sewing. I was just thinking that sewing with a sew view sounded like fun, but maybe I’ll stick with hand-stitching!


  3. I just recently started knitting in the car and my husband is very thankful. I’m a bad traveler and do the “are we there yet” about every 15 minutes without the knitting.


  4. I’m lucky- mine is used to a bit of impromptu handsweing on trips- I used to make doll clothing and sell it and I’d even bring my model with me- now that gets a look from other drivers!


    1. I’m going to have 2 or 3 days to myself in the flat – it’s really tempting! Mind you, I also have a lot of crochet I want to get through, not to mention knitting and tunisian crochet, so maybe I should be realistic.

      On the other hand, I don’t get much of a chance to sit at the machine for a few hours… Soooo tempting!


    1. I like to think of my neat fabric stacks *as* FOs. After all, I put a lot of work into them ;D But yes, it would be nice if they operated by telekinesis sometimes!


  5. All this quilting I’m seeing has me wanting to go through my fabric bins. I don’t need another project to clutter the living room with. Partner would take books with him on vacation, so he wouldn’t say anything about my craft projects.


    1. One of the joys of quilts – especially scrappy ones – is that it’s a great way to get rid off all that clutter, and to use up all the little bits of fabric that you can’t bear to part with. I normally have things spread out everywhere, so I’m finding that putting them in those boxes not only keeps them with their patterns, but also takes up sooooo much less space πŸ™‚


  6. My Hubbie is really cool about the amount of “STUFF” I have lying around the house, but draws the line when we go away. As I always take too much stuff on holiday with us, he normally limits me to two projects I can take. So I normally take a WIP that I’m not far with and a new one, in case I finish it or get bored with it and need something new.


    1. Mine’s very good about these things as well, and if we’re flying, I definitely limit myself. As we’re going in the car this time, it’s so tempting to just stick everything in!


  7. So funny with the sewing machine!
    Ahhh I had to fight about taking my knitting on holiday – well, two sweaters worth of yarn “just in case”!


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