Making Monday: Productive in Purple

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm last week. The caterpillar quilt is still in 3 pieces, as I dither about how to do the back, but I think I’ve finally made a decision and hope to have an update for you this Wednesday.

I took a bit of a holiday last week, originally so that I could go up to the Festival of Quilts on Friday. Unfortunately, with the riots, I didn’t book my transport in time and between the fares and my energy levels (extremely poor at the moment), I ended up having a day in Oxford instead. That was the right decision, since despite the break, I spent all of yesterday in bed on the basis that moving around made me feel horribly ill. Fun times :S

Anyway, between the nausea and the sleeping, I did manage to be pretty productive. Besides buying the backing for the quilt, I bought some incredibly soft fabrics to make wrap-around trousers. I got my first pair of these in Mallorca about 10 years ago, and they’re just perfect for the summer as well as being incredibly easy to make. Or at least they would be if the fabric would stay still to let me hem it! I’m thinking I might just overlock the edges and hope for the best. They’re going to be house trousers anyway.

Along with them, I made serious inroads into my wardrobe for Self-Stitched September.

That’s a skirt, 2 Sorbettos and a Pendrell. The plain purple is from my trip to Goldhawk Road, while the patterned fabrics are from Darn it and Stitch. I have to say that neither of the top patterns were a terribly good fit right away. I had to take about 2 inches off the waist of the Sorbetto, although I left the hips alone, while the Pendrell was about 4 inches too long. Still, I’m pretty pleased with all of them, and really like the method of finishing the neckline on the Pendrell, so much so that I used it on my second Sorbetto!

The skirt pattern is from an old issue of Sew Hip, just a basic a-line with an elasticated waist, and I have enough fabric left to make a belt as well. Pretty good for 1m of fabric! I can see me making a couple more of these for sure.

I also went through my pattern stash and worked out what else I want to make before September gets here. So far I have 4 skirts, 3 tops, a cardigan and 2 pairs of wrap around trousers. To add to these, I want a couple of dresses, a pair of shorts and some more tops. Oh and another cardigan. Yes, I am quite mad, but you’d be amazed how quickly I can work once I get obsessed with something. Besides, Sorbettos only take an hour to make, and even the Pendrell will be pretty quick now I know what I’m doing. And I can always run up a couple more skirts in an afternoon (seriously, simplest pattern EVER).

Anyway, I’ll do a proper update for September once we get a bit closer. Hopefully then I’ll have a full wardrobe to show you. Although not in an actual wardrobe, as you can probably tell from the photograph above – that’s our bedroom!

Ooh, the other thing I did this weekend was plan my Billboard Quilt, but you’ll have to head over to the Flickr Group here (or my Flickr page here if they’re not up yet) to see what I’m making for that one.

If you’ve made things this weekend – whether you made a three-piece suit or just a mess – do head over to the Yarn Yard blog here and join in !


One thought on “Making Monday: Productive in Purple

  1. Wow, Speedy Gonzales! It takes me several weeks just to make a simple top or skirt (although that might improve now I have worked out that the reason I was sleepy all the time and needed two-hour naps on weekend days was my hayfever pills, which I have now stopped taking!).


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