WIP Wednesday: Oh ye of little faith

I’m just in under the wire on this one, I think. It’s still Wednesday. Just. In my part of the world anyway.

Today has been so busy at work that this is the first chance I’ve had to pop in and post, then I have to pop out again to take my new toy home.

Oh yes, my new toy. Do you want to see? You know you want to.

And for everyone out there going ‘huh’?, this is (to quote the eBay seller) an antique wool winder. Oh yes. Bring it on. *ahem* Basically the arm at the back swings out and is the swift for your yarn, which you wind using the big and little wheels at the front. Simples! Or at least it will be once I repair it and get it working. It was a real bargain, and I can’t wait to restore it.

So that’s a pending WIP, but my real WsIP this week are of the more fabricy variety.

First there’s this:

(apologies for the terrible picture. I can’t find the real camera at the moment, and my phone doesn’t cope well with low light)

Yes, that unprepossessing pile of scraps is going to be a magnificent Billboard Quilt for the QAL at Oh Fransson. It’s going to be awesome! Assuming I can get the homework done, that is.

And finally, for those who wished me luck getting the quilt done in time, I give you:

A quilt top! I have to say, I was actually surprised when everyone seemed to think I hadn’t left myself much time. I’m very much a last-minute kind of person, so 3 weeks seems like aaaaaaaaages to me 🙂 Of course, I’m normally tying off threads and sewing on buttons the night before, but still. It works for me!

So that’s the top all sewn together – admittedly it was fairly simple – and once the batting arrives at the weekend, I’ll be ready to quilt it. It’s about 61″x43″, and I’m going shopping for backing fabric and quilting thread tomorrow. Can’t wait to get going!

To see what everyone else is up to this week, head over to Tami’s by clicking the picture below.


24 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Oh ye of little faith

    1. I’m terribly over-excited about it, although the cross-piece is worse than I thought and will probably have to be replaced. But I’ll have to take a video once it’s all working again!


    1. I chanced an offer and was chuffed to bits to get it!

      It’s getting there, although I’m torn about whether or not to hand-quilt it. The finish will be nice but the time will be longer. Decisions, decisions…


    1. It was certainly a great bargain!

      The quilting is going to be challenging – it’s a bit big for my little craft table! but I’m sure I’ll think of something 🙂


    1. The fabric’s quite readily available online, and the pattern was by a lady in one of my local fabric shops. I showed her a picture on my phone when I went in on Thursday, and she promptly took it round all of the staff! It’s a very simple pattern and I definitely recommend it 🙂


  1. That is possibly the coolest swift that has ever existed in all of the world. Lucky duck. And, I’m totally not a quilt person, but am kind of over the moon about your hungry caterpillar quilt top. That is also AWESOME. Love.


    1. Hee, thank you! I virtually bounced home with it on Wednesday!

      I adore the very hungry caterpillar, and this was pretty much the quilt that made me want to make quilts in the first place!


    1. It’s brilliant, if a little broken. But I’m going to enjoy repairing it!

      Thank you. Once it’s all done, I’ll put up a basic tutorial for the quilt top. It’s incredibly easy!


    1. It was the VHC fabric that made me want to start quilting in the first place! This would be a great beginner’s quilt as it’s all straight lines 🙂



  2. Hope someone in the past five years has told you that is a lovely lace bobbin winder and was meant to wind lace weight thread onto a lace bobbin. Good find.


    1. Nope, no one ever did, but I saw one on the Antiques Roadshow and realised my mistake! I might be able to adapt it, though, so I haven’t given up yet 🙂


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