Making Monday: Slapdash Sorbetto

The weekend was supposed to be a chance to catch up, get lots done and feel really productive by Monday morning.

Instead, I spent most of Saturday sleeping off a migraine and most of Sunday in a sleep-influenced low mood. Wow, am I ready for my holiday.

As a result, most of what I seem to have made over the weekend is a mess (the shock of walking into the study /craft room this morning and seeing the debris certainly woke me up!), but I did also get some sewing done that I’ve had on my list for ages.

By now, practically every sewing blogger I know has made a version of the Sorbetto top by Collette patterns, and because if they were all jumping off a cliff I’d probably follow them, I decided to have a go.

Lemmings, source here by ffi. Shouting of ‘Geronimo’ is optional

Now, I should say at the start that although I can sew fairly competently, I’m definitely not a dressmaker. This is partly the fiddliness of keeping checking that it fits as I go and partly the sheer frustration with sizing. The Sorbetto was no exception. According to my measurements, I’m a (US) size 6 bust and size 12 hips. That’s actually quite normal for me when I look at patterns, and is partly why I tend not to make clothes – all that adjustment drives me nuts.

But I really want to be able to wear things I made for myself, so I gritted my teeth, measured again, did some more thinking and finally cut the size 10. Fortunately the pattern warns you that there’s not a lot of ease, so cutting 2 sizes bigger than my actual bust seems to have worked perfectly. Sadly, the same cannot be said about the hips. Because it’s too tight there, it bags fairly badly at the front and I have about 2 inches of excess fabric at the back. Nothing that darts can’t solve, but that means I’ll have to put a fastening of some kind in, since I doubt I’ll be able to pull it over my head once it fits properly! At the moment, I’m thinking of an invisible zip in the side, but I’ll have to see how I go. But for a first attempt, and an hour’s sewing, I’m chuffed to bits!

I added a couple of triangles at the bottom to widen the hem. It’s done the trick mostly, but it’s still baggy in the midriff. Also, blurry photo is blurry, sorry!

My next stop is the Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic. Mostly because (wonder of wonders), I am ONE SIZE according to the packet. Tasia designs with pear-shaped girls in mind, and if the Pendrell goes well, I’m definitely going to be getting her other patterns. The luxury of not having to do all that maths would be lovely!

If you’ve been making things as well, then do join in with Making Monday over at The Yarn Yard here


5 thoughts on “Making Monday: Slapdash Sorbetto

  1. Very nice!

    My measurements pretty much all fitted one size of the Market Blouse, and the end result…well, you’ll see when I post later, but it was not a success. I think I might stick to skirts until I get a lot more confident at sewing!


    1. It’s getting there. I think it’ll be nice once I’ve hacked at it a bit more (also, I sewed one of the triangles in with the wrong side facing out! *facepalm*)

      Ack, sorry your blouse didn’t work. Maybe someone will be able to suggest some tweaks – I think these things are rarely unsalvageable!


      1. I think that the basic problem is that patterns are designed for a B-cup and I’m considerably larger than that. I don’t think I can salvage the top I’ve made (if it was longer I would consider belting it, but it’s too short for that) but I could make a wearable version if I went down a size and added a full bust adjustment and some waist shaping and a side zip so I could still get it over my head. Which is, sadly, rather beyond my current skills! (It’s a shame, because it actually turned out beautifully apart from making me look six months pregnant!)


  2. I have the same problem with sizes – I have a ridiculously small bust (32 cms) but have a lot of padding around the hips! Making a top to fit isn’t easy and my last attempt was a sad failure – nice to see that sewaholic’s patterns are designed for women like us! I’ll watch how yours turns out with interest.


    1. With a 36″ bust and 42″ hips, I expect to have to make adjustments, and I usually straddle 3-4 sizes :S I was really surprised that I seem to fit into a single size of Sewaholic patterns, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

      Fitting at the waist is key, I think, which is why the Sorbetto doesn’t work yet. I think by adding a zip so I can get it on if I reduce the waist size, I should be okay. It’s a lot of adjustment, though!


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