WIP Wednesday: Same old same old

Oh dear, you guys must be sick of this cardigan by now. Yes, I’m still going, but look! Sleeve!

I have high hopes of getting this finished by Monday. With the weather being what it is at the moment, I might then put it away for three months, or I might be wearing it right away. No matter what, I promise that there’ll be pictorial evidence when it’s finished.

The other project is also one you’ve seen before:

Yes, I finally made a decision about the backing of my Charm squares quilt, and will admit to wimping out on piecing it. I had this flannel left over my from my Circles quilt, and since it was pretty much the right size, I decided to just baste it on and get on with the quilting. I’m just doing straight lines, so hopefully it’ll be done soonish.

To see what other people are working on, click the picture below!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Same old same old

  1. That flannel fabric looks so snuggly, I can see why you’d want to use it again 😉 Good luck on finishing the cardigan as quickly as you want!


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