FO Friday: The Quilting and Stitching Show, Oxford-style

Can you tell I’ve been waiting a while to post about this? Yes, I’ve been teasing you with pictures for months, and this is the final reveal.

Are you ready?

Ta da!

Both my quilts were made from Purl Soho tutorials, this one from the Circular Applique mini-quilt. And having made it, I definitely understand why they made a mini one! There’s a lot of hand-sewing in this thing, which was satisfying, but hard on the fingers.

If it looks a slightly odd size, it’s because it’s based on a baby’s changing mat. I wanted to make something for friends who are expecting their first, and so decided this was the best kind of size to make. The circles are made from a mixture of scraps and FQs, and the backing is an incredibly soft flannel from Darn it and Stitch.

I decided to make it with 2 layers of wadding, so that if they did want to lie the baby on it, it would be soft enough right from day one. That made the hand quilting a bit of a challenge, but there was something satisfying about working my round each one and gradually counting off how many I had to go. I cheated with the binding and just folded the backing over, but I’m glad I did, since I think the colours go perfectly.

The other quilt is the latest mini-quilt tutorial, Rainbow quilt, and was put together in something of a hurry.

I decided that I wanted to give Jo something for the one-year anniversary of Darn it and Stitch, but had no idea what. How do you choose a gift for someone who owns a shop full of beautiful things? Then this popped up in my Google Reader and I knew I’d found the right thing. Okay, I’ll also admit that I had a preview of how the shop was going to be rearranged (see the Tumblr here to see how the quilt matches!)

Knowing that rainbows were in, I couldn’t resist making this quilt. The fabrics came mostly from the same A4 pack as the pastels yesterday, and I had to piece them to get them to the right length. Then it was just a case of sewing lots and lots of straight seams! The backing is a soft corduroy, and I used my new machine and quilting foot to quilt lines along each stripe. Between that and my quarter-inch foot, I may never make anything but quilts ever again!

To my utter joy, the quilt is up in the shop for everyone to see, and I’m chuffed to bits with it. It’s self-bound again, although this time I machine-stitched it down since I was under time-pressure.

Considering that in the same fortnight that this quilt was finished, I made 15m of stripey bunting and made my current quilt top, I think I can safely say I’ve caught the bug!

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23 thoughts on “FO Friday: The Quilting and Stitching Show, Oxford-style

  1. Beautiful quilts 🙂 I’m trying to decide which I like best, but they’re both gorgeous. I love the circles, very unusual, and the rainbow one is so simple but so effective. I’m not a quilter, but those 2 really make me want to try!


    1. The quilt at the top was my first one, ever. I have issues with sewing in a straight line, but I have to say that quilting has been a real joy. I’m so impatient, the results are quicker and easier than in dressmaking!

      Thank you 😀


    1. Thank you! It was fun choosing the rainbow colours. It could also be fun to do a monochrome with shades of a single colour, maybe greys and blacks. Something to put on my list 😉


    1. *giggle* Well, the quilt is safely in New Zealand now, so I think it’s safe 😀

      Thank you! As with crochet, I have a tendency to put my own spin on patterns, and doing these has given me much more confidence in my colour sense, which definitely needed work. I think quilting is going to be good for helping me exercise those muscles!


    1. Thank you! I only started sewing about 18 months ago, and still have issues with straight lines, but as with most craft, I’ve found it’s mostly a case of practice and patience (and the occasional plaster, since I have a tendency to try and pin my finger!) 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂

      And oddly, the circles quilt was almost easier to make – I’m not very good at straight lines either, and some of my ‘stitching in the ditch’ on the rainbow quilt went a bit wonky!


    1. Thank you! The circles quilt was ALOT of work, but I’m delighted with the results 🙂 The Purl Bee blog has fantastic patterns – they’re always different without being wacky!


  2. Those quilts are both jaw-droppingly amazing! Your colours on the circular applique quilt are some of my favourites ever, and your stitching looks just gorgeous.


    1. Thank you! I had great fun placing all the colours on the applique quilt, although it took a few goes to get them in the right place 🙂


  3. As the staggered recipient of the circle quilt, I can safely say it’s as incredible in person as in the pictures. My baby is going to be the envy of all its friends! Sorry to all of you who want it, but it’s acquired heirloom status already!


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