My Creative Space: A-Quiltin’ we will go

Well, that was an inadvertant blogging break, wasn’t it? The last couple of weeks have been crazy-busy, and combined with some mental health issues, I haven’t had the time, energy or brain-power to write much.

What I have been doing is making, and I’ve got some lovely things to show you tomorrow in FO Friday, but for today, this is what’s been occupying my brain this week:

I feel like I’ve really discovered quilting over the last few weeks, and I’ve got to tell you, I think I’m in love. There’s something about the maths of it that appeals to my brain, and the quilts I’ve been working on have been definitely geometric (as you’ll see tomorrow!). This one is the Charm Squares Baby Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman, made using Central Park by Kate Spain for Moda. I was given the charm pack when I left my previous job, and I haven’t been able to work out what to do with it. The patterns are so lovely that I really, really wanted to show them off properly.

My main problem now is figuring out what to do about the back. I’ve pulled out some fabrics to go with my leftover squares, but each is only A4 size and the quilt is 40″ x 33″, so it’ll need to be pieced. The only question is how?

Because of the size, it can’t be exact squares (as an hour of maths told me last night!), so I’m trying to work out what to do with it. My current thought is to make a 4 square panel from the charm squares sashed with a light grey that I have elsewhere, then cut strips from my pastels and gradually build up the rest of the backing around it. But that might look too fussy, so the other option is to trim the selvages, use the pieces at almost their full size, and sort of fit them around the squares, which I’ll still sash with the grey.

Still following along at home? Not sure I am…

But in case anyone is wondering how the poor, neglected cardigan is getting on, I haven’t forgotten it completely.

Look! A sleeve! I have to say that at this point, what I really want to do is finish it and wear it, so making the sleeves feels in-cred-ib-ly slow. Persevering to the end is going to be tough, I can just tell.

For everyone else’s creative spaces, head over here.


9 thoughts on “My Creative Space: A-Quiltin’ we will go

  1. I love your quilt. I’ve been meaning to make the charm squares one for ages – like everything else- just never got around to it. I bought Elizabeths book – but most of her backs have 2 large pieces of fabric with a twiddley bit in the middle. Id join the various coulours and go for a stripe effect? good luck with the maths!!


    1. I’ve been waiting for Elizabeth’s book to come into the library for ages now – looks like I’ll just have to buy it!

      That’s really interesting, thank you. I’m drawn to stripes to match the front somehow. Maybe if I group the colours, it’ll work better. Hmmmm, that’s definitely given me an idea, thanks!


  2. The quilt top is beautiful, Laura. Can’t tell you how to do the back as quilting is on my ‘to learn’ list for this year and so far I haven’t even started one (despite buying a book of small quilting projects – it was supposed to ease me in gradually!). You have to finish that cardi though – it’s stunning and that vibrant colour must lift your spirits. Good luck finishing the sleeves!


    1. I have to say that I’ve just sort of launched myself into quilting, figuring that if I could sew in a straight line, I could probably manage! What I’ve found is that a)I can’t sew in a straight line and b)people don’t care ;D I think it’s going to be a great way to use up the fabric odds and ends that clutter my craft space.

      Thanks! The cardi is lovely to handle – the colour and yarn-feel are both fabulous, it’s just that after months of the same stitch pattern, I’m starting to get crochet-fatigue. But as you say, I need to press on to the end. Hopefully I’ll have it done in time for the winter!


  3. Your quilt is lovely! What about putting each of your floral squares into a grey stripe & then intermixing them with colored stripes so that the squares fall in differnt places all over the back? It would kind of echo the stripe design of the front. Just a thought. I’m sure however you arrange the back it will be absolutely wonderful!


    1. Ooh, I like that idea to keep the stripe theme going but maybe in the opposite direction. I can see I’m going to spending a lot of time on the study floor moving fabric around!

      Thanks 🙂 I’ll make sure to post when I get it finished!


  4. Sorry you have been feeling a little blue. The quilting is going great. I really want to get back into it as I really enjoy it when I do it. I have a couple of charm packs that need playing with and I just have ordered some white cotton yardage which will make them go further. Can’t wait to see how your quilting looks when you make up your sandwich


  5. I’ve felt slowed down over the last few weeks, along with feeling slightly manic from all the crafting! It’s been an unsettling combination, and I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of normal busyness.

    I could really fall in love with charm pack quilting and have another moda one just waiting to go. It really does feel like playing, doesn’t it? Laying them out and making them work together is so much fun!

    Thanks – I’ll let everyone know how it comes out 😀


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