WIP Wednesday: Getting tidied up

It’s all change around here at the moment, finishing up long-standing projects and starting to think about new ones.

This is my poor long-neglected Esmee cardigan. If you go on Ravelry, you’ll see that while this is a beautiful pattern, there were serious editorial problems, and I’ve pretty much had to make the pattern up as I go along. It stalled when I had to split for the sleeves, since at that point it was harder to carry around with me, but I really want to get it up, running and finished. Over lunchtime, I more or less finished the right front, now I just need to check it fits and write down what I did so I can finish the left! It goes incredibly fast once I actually concentrate and stitch, so I’m itching to get going on it again. Apart from anything else, I could really use a new cardigan!

The other time pressure, I’ve decided to take part in the summer sweater KAL over at Luvinthemommyhood. And no, I don’t have anything to tell you – Shannon’s site is just lovely, whether you’ve got children or not, and I liked the idea of stitching a garment along with other people.

Of course most of them will be knitting and I’ll be crocheting, but I’m fairly used to that now. I’m not 100% decided on what I’m going to make, but I’ve got it down to 3. Cameron, Luna or Northern Dreams. Whichever I make, I’ll probably be using Rowan pure wool 4ply in a light grey – anyone got any thoughts on what might look best?

To see what other people are working on this week, head over to Tami’s Amis.


13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Getting tidied up

    1. Thank you 🙂 In my wardrobe, that’s a fairly neutral colour, so I’m hoping it will fit in well. I’m also hoping that lots of note-taking will get me through the fitting issues! Will report back!


    1. I’m leaning that way, since it wouldn’t require me to buy more yarn. And there are some lovely versions on Ravelry, which makes me hopeful that it can be done!

      Thanks 🙂


  1. Oh rats. I was all set to vote for “Cameron”, but that “Northern Dreams” pullover is fantastic. It’s got HEIRLOOM written all over it. Then again, Cameron would probably be less uncomfortable to knit in the dead of summer. Not much help, am I? Sorry — excited to see what you choose, though!


    1. I think you read my mind, actually! While Cameron would definitely be the practical choice, not only for the yarn, but because it doesn’t involve endless rounds of single crochet, there’s something about Northern Dreams that keeps pulling at me. Although that might just be because it will require some yarn shopping 😉

      Thanks anyway – I’ll let you know!


  2. Sounds like you’ve been busy with all your projects and groups. How discouraging to have that many errors in the pattern. Most folks have their patterns tested don’t they to eliminate that? Good luck, it’s coming along nicely and what a pretty color


    1. Yeah, Inside Crochet patterns have to be read with a pinch of salt, a calculator and a lot of patience in general. Some are perfect, but plenty seem to have been under-edited :S It’s been fun for me, actually, trying to make it work, but I can see how most people would be horribly put off.

      Thanks! I can’t wait to start wearing the cardi 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 It’s been annoying, but part of my has enjoyed the challenge – I tend to regard patterns as guidelines rather than rules!


  3. Hi Laura,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today. Your handiwork is beautiful, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Love, Tina xx


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