Start the Week: In the mail

Gosh, Monday again already? Anyone know how that happened?

We had a busy weekend pottering around, mostly thinking about what we want to do with the flat. With so much to do, it’s been hard figuring out where to start, but after some long conversations and learning how to use AutoCAD (more on that soon), we’re feeling much more organised. Looks like I could be swapping sewing for carpentry!

In all my recent busyness, I’ve not had time to blog about the wonderful parcel I received in the post recently. I took part in the second round of Ali’s Spring Scrap Swap and once again received a lovely bundle of things, this time from Flaming Nora.

My parcel included this wonderful card. Sewing paper is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, and this card is so lovely, I really want to try it now!

Isn’t it lovely?

But the highlight of the parcel was definitely the little card on each scrap. So not only do I have some beautiful fabrics to work with, I know where they came from and what happened to the rest of the piece. I love how the fabrics all have a story, and I have a half-formed plan to do something with them so that they come together somehow. More thought required.

I think my favourite is this stunning piece of embroidery. I’m going to have to find something really special to do with this.

What a fabulous swap. Thank you!!


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