My Creative Space: Here be Beasties!

Although this is a finished object, it’s been dominating my creative space for the last few days, so I think it qualifies.

Meet Mr Crumples

I love him now he’s done but I’m afraid I have a confession. Mr Crumples should be a bear. He’s based on the bear pattern from Issue 14 of Sew Hip, but I just couldn’t get it to work. Part of the problem is that I put the ears on wrong – they should be out towards the sides, not sticking up from the middle like antennae – and part of the problem is that I couldn’t get the feet on properly.

He’s made from flannel and corduroy, both bought from the lovely Lizzet at The Fabric Loft

While I think he’s come out well considering, and I’m sure he’ll be loved no matter what, I think I may be forced to admit that sewing toys isn’t really my thing. I’m reasonably pleased with the results, but the process was maddening and I had to keep concentrating on the end product to get him done.

He’s going off to a friend’s little boy, possibly with a small explanatory leaflet, that he was meant to be a bear, came out like this, and would like to be loved (and/or chewed) anyway.

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7 thoughts on “My Creative Space: Here be Beasties!

  1. He’s really cute whatever beastie he’s supposed to be!! I’m not sure he needs to be defined as any particular species, just introduce him as Mr Crumples and he’ll be loved (yep – and chewed!!).


    1. His new owner is 9 months old and teething, so I’m hoping the flannel stands up to some serious chewing 🙂

      I have to say that he’s unexpectedly (and unintentionally!) cute and very cuddly. In my mind’s eye, he’ll still be so in 10 years when he’s threadbare and patched – there’s something lovely about a well-loved toy.



    1. Aw, thank you! I have this horrible fear that N (9 months old) is going to take one look at him and burst into tears. You can never tell with babies! But mostly I’m hoping he’ll grab him and bite his ear. Then I’ll know he’s a hit 😉


  2. Hi Laura, loving Mr Crumples. Sometimes mistakes make the best things. Great fabrics you have used. Thanks for your comment over at my place, and so glad you got the parcel and liked the fabrics. Let me know when you blog it or what you used the fabrics for, I love knowing stuff like that, means the history of the cloth can continue in my cluttered brain. xx


  3. oh he is sorry Mr Crumples is just the cutest!! i still remember the first toy i made hehe looked nothing like the pattern.i think the wonky parts or the parts that went wrong gives them their excuse anyway haha.


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