My Creative Space: Hooked

I do love seeing what people are working on, at least in part because I can’t show much of what I’m making at the moment. Soon, I hope, but not yet.

But as much as I love seeing what people are doing, I’m also firmly of the opinion that my primary creative space is in my head. There’s always so much going on in there, everything I want to make or say or write or be.

Photo by Liz Henry on Flickr

In some ways, what I want to have in my creative space came into focus at the weekend, talking to other sewists at the Goldhawk Road meetup. I love sewing, and I love using things that I have made for myself, but as I was talking, the thing that kept occuring to me was that what I really love to *do* is crochet. I like the end product of sewing, but the process doesn’t thrill me or comfort me or feel as natural in my hands as crochet does.

That’s okay, I think. I’ve never been very good at being clear about what I like. I worry too much what others will think or that I’m not going to fit in or, or or… Well. You get the idea. I have no intention of stopping sewing – there’s a fabric stash to get through! – but if I can understand that I will love the finished product more than I love making it, I think it might help me actually finish some of the things I’ve got on the go. And it’s definitely going to help me love my crochet more.

PS. Day 2 on the no-caffeine wagon. I’m craving cake like woah, but otherwise, the headaches aren’t too bad. If I can make it to a week, I’ll consider the battle won!


14 thoughts on “My Creative Space: Hooked

  1. I’m torn – I quite like the sewing process and sometimes I love the results and sometimes I hate them. I have had very little success with clothing and don’t wear anything I’ve made for myself – but accessories are another story; I just love making bags / purses etc… Of course, the reason I don’t like the clothes that I’ve made probably has a lot to do with fit and my body issues – let’s not go there!!

    With crochet and knitting I love both the process and the results generally. I love that I can do both in front of the telly or while chatting. Sewing I have to consciously make time for.

    No caffeine – oh my! I’m OK with my caffeine consumption, but I’ve recently found acquired a biscuit habit that I need to kick soon!


    1. I’m about to embark on a dress-sewing-summer, so we’ll find out how well I do with my own clothes. The main reason I’m doing it is because of body issues. Nothing ever fits, so I may as well make my own!

      Hee, I know what you mean. My brain associates cake with coffee, so I’m working on breaking that association at the moment as well!


  2. What lovely crochet hooks – very enticing – might have to give in and learn to crochet!
    And well done on the no-caffeine project – curious that you are craving cake? I can crave cake anytime, haha!


    1. I love my hooks – they’re all different colours and types for all different types of yarn.

      😀 In my head, it’s really hard to have coffee without cake. It’s an association I definitely have to break!


    1. Thanks 🙂 It’s hard work, but I’m trying to stay focussed.

      I love that my hooks are all different – they make a very pretty picture!


    1. After a horrible experience trying to leave early and without coffee, I realised just how addicted I was! I’m still hooked on the taste, but it’s nice to manage without the drug part 🙂 Thanks! I’ll report back!


  3. I think we may have had this conversation this morning (though I was feeling very vague, so wouldn’t swear to it!), but I know exactly what you mean. I’m very much a process knitter (and, if my granny squares are anything to go by, a process crocheter too) but when it comes to sewing it’s all about the end product; I just want to be able to make the skirts and dresses I imagine myself wearing and can’t find in the shops. Whereas I will happily knit blanket square after blanket square and sock after sock just for the pleasure of knitting!


    1. 😀 Yes, we were talking about it on the bus – I was planning this post at the time! My want-to-sew list is 5 miles long, but it’s more ‘want-to-have-sewn’ than anything else. Whereas for crochet, I just love holding the yarn, forget the working 😉


  4. Thanks for visiting us today and for your lovely comment. I have the same hooks as you, they make crochet even more enjoyable, I think! My craft of choice seems to depend on my mood, although I find it hard to sew without a large chunk of time, so crochet or knitting usually win out. Laura x


    1. Colourful hooks definitely cheer up crochet, especially when they clash horribly with the yarn colour 🙂

      I know exactly what you mean about needing time. Sewing seems to take more brain power!

      Thanks for dropping in 😀


  5. I love fabric -I’d happily delve into big piles of it all day long (well, maybe not), but sewing does not come naturally to me. I get stressed that I will cut/sew it incorrectly and all will be lost. The hook – the hook I love. I learned to knit first – but I find the hook just suits my needs.
    I look forward to seeing what it is that your creative mind has come up with 🙂 Maybe this week on MCS?


    1. I know *exactly* what you mean about cutting out sewing pieces. The number of times I’ve got distracted in the middle and ended up with something completely the wrong shape is just embarrassing. My scrap pile is substantial!

      I have a few things to share this week, plus one thing that I’m incredibly excited about 🙂 Definitely a creative space post!


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