Start the week: All Shopped Out

Just for the record, I didn’t buy all the fabric in the pile above although it does all belong to one person. As usual around here, my shopping included things for presents, so I can’t show you pictures yet. Besides, Dibs’ pile is waaaaaaaay more impressive than mine.

In case you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, on Saturday, I went to the Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango, organised by Karen of Did You Make That? There’s a great post about it on her blog here, with a list of everyone who was there. And yes, that is a lot of bloggers! Between us and the Sew Weekly meet-up, Goldhawk Road shop owners had a good day.

I didn’t go mad on the shopping front, and everything I bought was for a specific project (or three). More on that as I go, although if anyone has a good t-shirt pattern they’d recommend, I’m on the lookout.

Otherwise, I’m having what I think is the nasty fall-out for coping so well with the house purchase and move. Despite some extremely sleepless nights beforehand, I actually felt relatively unstressed (for me!) through it all, so it appears to all be whacking me at once now – depression, weepiness, exhaustion, the whole ‘low self-esteem textbook’. It’s like it was lurking around the corner waiting for me, and it’s hard work to get through. Does anyone else get that?

Still, at least I have good things to look forward to. My craft room* is stacked high with fabric, my mother is taking me shopping next weekend (yes, more shopping!) and we’re hopefully going to be booking a much-needed holiday this week. Oh, and the sun is even shining, so it’s not all bad.

Hope everyone survived Monday! Have a good week.

all fabric shopping days should end with a raspberry lemonade

*My husband persists in calling it ‘the study’. I’m working on him.


2 thoughts on “Start the week: All Shopped Out

  1. Snap – my husband thinks that he has an office too!! I’ve taken 2/3 of it over already and use the desk bit more than he does anyway – I like to think of it as my room!!

    Yep – I’m going through the post-move stress / blues right now. I thought I coped remarkably well at the time but now I’m finding the slightest thing that goes wrong sets me off and is a major disaster (when it isn’t really). This is exacerbated by the fact that I have to sort everything out as my hubby’s German isn’t good enough for phone calls to get things fixed or to sort out bills etc…

    However I am much happier than I was in Canada and I’ve started making stuff again which always helps me to calm down. One sewing and one knitting project underway at the moment! Hope you get over the blues quickly – shopping for fabric is definitely good therapy!!


    1. It’s so annoying – you expend all that effort in coping really well, only to have it backfire later :S Maybe next time I’ll just have the breakdown and get it over with 😉

      We have an agreement that the study is ‘my room’ although we also dry the washing in there! I can’t wait to get it properly set up – it’ll be the last room we decorate, so I’ve got plenty of time to plan!


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