Start the week: The Empty House

As a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, I couldn’t resist the title.

Phew! Well, after a week of packing, cleaning, moving, more packing, unpacking, tidying, more cleaning and sorting, we’re in! Our new flat is starting to feel like home, and we’re flicking through decorating and DIY catalogues like they’re the latest best-sellers. Although I decided that when I found the Wickes catalogue in the bathroom, things might just have gone a bit too far.

There’s been the (should have) expected knock-on effect on my mental health, which is a little battered at the moment. After months of coping with the stress, my brain pretty much decided that it didn’t want to any more and if I never have a week like last week again, I’ll be very happy. But I have much to look forward to this week, more of which soon, but for the moment, have a picture of the pre-move flat, and I’ll catch you later in the week.

PS. The dark patch on the carpet is where it’s worn through to the underlay. It’s just in front of where the previous owner – who’d lived there since about 1970 – had his chair. That’s 40 years of footfall – he definitely left his mark on the place!


4 thoughts on “Start the week: The Empty House

  1. Oh my – I can relate to how you’re feeling! We’ve been in our house now for a month and I just wish everything was done! Haven’t had to contend with 40-year old carpet though (I’m counting my blessings!!)

    Hope you start to get on top of everything this week and feel happier!


    1. I think I need to go back to breaking my ‘to do’ lists into the stuff I *have* to do and the stuff I *want* to do. They’re quite different, and mixing them up stresses me out no end.

      Heh, the carpet is the least of our worries really. I have more photos…


    1. Thanks! It does feel like a triumph, having got through it! The catalogues are great window shopping, but I was very surprised to find it in the bathroom!


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