Hop-Hop-hopping along.

Apologies if any parts of this post seem to have some weird syntax. I haven’t slept properly for a week or so now and it’s all caught up with me at once, but I wanted to get this one out today! Hopefully the words are mostly in the right order…

When I’m not madly stuffing things into boxes or working through the gazillion people who need to know we have a new home, I’m working on a couple of longer posts that have involved much hard work, umming, ahing and (and this was the tough bit) shopping. It’s a hard life, being a craft blogger, eh?

While they’re pottering along, I wanted to take the chance to get all excited at you, if you don’t mind too much.

I think I’ve talked here before now about P/HOP. It’s a fundraising scheme for MSF, a really extraordinary charity. P/HOP stands for “pennies per hours of pleasure”, the idea being that if people have yarn they don’t want any more, they donate it to p/hop, usually via a post on the Ravelry board. Someone else claims it and rather than paying money to the yarn-owner, they give it to MSF. Simples! Over time, designers have also donated patterns to p/hop, on more or less the same arrangement.

The real key to the success of this is that people give not what the retail price of the yarn is, or even what they feel the yarn is worth but according to how much pleasure they get from working with it. It must be working, because over £25,000 has been raised to date and p/hop won a ‘Just Giving’ award earlier this year.

And what has all this to do with me? Well, for a combination of reasons, 2 of my crochet patterns can now be downloaded from the p/hop website. They’re 2 that I’ve used for teaching, and I’ve had them thoroughly tested, so I’m pretty happy with them. More than that though, I’m delighted at the thought that they’ll go on being used to give money to a good cause for years to come.

I wrote a blog post about the patterns here, so do head over and read more. Or if you’re interested in yarn and suchlike, head over to the p/hop board on Ravelry here. It’s a fantastic cause, and one I’m proud to support.


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