My Creative Space: Now with added colour

As I was saying yesterday, my current project has been getting me down a bit. My other major project – which I can’t share with you yet – is also rather muted in tone:

To compensate for that, I decided that I needed to go completely in the other direction. And when I say ‘completely’, I really mean COMPLETELY.

Ta da! Before you ask, the yarn is Jitterbug by Colinette, and the pattern is the Snowflake Scarf by Robyn Chachula. Robyn is pretty much my favourite crochet designer – her pieces are always well-constructed and very much my kind of thing. I’ve been wearing my Victoria Scarf since the weather changed, and it’s too warm for a full scarf but still chilly in the mornings.

Admittedly her version of the scarf is in blue DK rather than luminous sock yarn (wait til you see the colour for the edging!), but this works for me. It’s so nice to have something bright to work on and to contrast with the gentle neutral of my shawl.

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4 thoughts on “My Creative Space: Now with added colour

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks! I’ve already been warned that the colour can bleed really badly, so I’m going to have to make sure I block the scarf first or end up with a pink neck! But it’s so gorgeous, I don’t think I’ll care 🙂


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