Pop up shopping

You know how you promise yourself that you’re not going to do something, right up to the moment where you go and do it?

There’s a pop up shop at Darn it and Stitch this week, with the most incredible array of silks you’ve ever seen.

Please don’t let the bad photograph deceive you. There are fabrics here that will bypass your brain and go straight to your wallet. Silk, like cotton, is a fibre that can be woven into an almost infinite variety of textures and there really is everything here from the finest, floatiest chiffon to thick fabrics that you could use for a suit jacket. Some are soft, some are stiff, some are thick, some are so fine that you feel you could put your finger through them. Colette’s recent Fabric Series has lots more about silk here, just to give you a taster.

Before you worry about how carried away I got, I went in for something very specific – a lining for a dress I’m working on – and I bought exactly what I wanted for a price that actually feels embarrassingly low. If you’re in the Oxford area this week, do drop in. Annie (who used to own Silken Dalliance in Woodstock) not only has an amazing range, she knows so much about silk that just talking to her is worth the journey.

Just try not to drool on the fabric!


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