Start the Week: All Done In

Not surprisingly after the post I wrote last Friday, I burned out somewhat on the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. It was probably worth it, but I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t manage to finish it. Maybe next year!

I think this week is going to be about digging myself out from under the heap of to do lists that I seem to be landed with right now. There’s lists of phone calls, patterns, projects, and most importantly, things that I promised to do for people weeks ago that are still undone. I’ve managed to sort stuff into ‘have to’ and ‘want to’ which feels like a major achivement. It’s so easy to get mixed up and feel burdened by things you’ve chosen to do while the stuff you have to do gets lost in the mix.

Picture by Koalazymonkey on Flickr.

While I’m concentrating on the ‘have to’s, I’m sticking with nice simple projects. This shawl was supposed to be for a friend, but about six rows ago, I figured out that a) I really, really liked it and b) it really wouldn’t have suited her. So I can now show you a picture of it!

The pattern is Bowtie Pi and the yarn is a discontinued one from The Yarn Yard called Caber. It’s a merino/bamboo mix and I fluctuate between thinking it’ll be too itchy for me and loving the softness. Since that suggests the feeling depends on me not the yarn, I’m still hopeful about the end product. It’s going to be my work shawl – my new office is very warm, but the reading room is quite chilly, so I want something that can fold up in a drawer ready for slinging round my shoulders when I’m on the desk.

Right, enough fun! Time to get through the queue of lists!


2 thoughts on “Start the Week: All Done In

  1. I have never ending to do lists too! I was just very big long list that never ended, but like you I decided it was time to split it down. I now have a list for this week, a list for this month and a list for sometime in the future! Hopefully that’ll work….


    1. I like the idea of splitting it by time – again, I think it helps break down what’s actually important and needs to be done and what’s just stuff that I really want to do at some point. Getting them confused leads to all kinds of stress! Maybe I’ll attack my lists again and see how I get on.


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