My Creative Space: Getting Organised

My actual creative space is covered with pattern pieces, thread and random pieces of fabric at the moment, so it’s not really a surprise that I finished this at my desk while I was waiting for my computer to boot up.

It’s a card wallet from a tutorial by Ali at Very Berry Handmade. The fabrics are from Daisy Janie’s collection, and I got them from The Cloth Seller.

For some reason, I’ve managed to gather loyalty card for 15 coffee shops over the years, and they take up too much room to fit in my normal card wallet. This is perfect for them, and it’s a colour that I’ll always be able to find in the bottom of my bag!

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6 thoughts on “My Creative Space: Getting Organised

    1. Aw, thank you! I have a co-ordinating bundle and they’re all so lovely and such a good match.

      Heh, more like on a permanent caffeine hunt. If I’m going to drink that much, I might as well get the reward 😀


  1. I adore your card wallet..great fabric too. All my coffee cards are in where my notes are in my purse and of course it takes a while to sort through them all when in line to order coffee…just as well I don’t have wads of money!


    1. Thank you 😀 It was so easy to make, I really recommend the tutorial.

      I know exactly what you mean, and I had just the same problem. I’d try to find one and everything would come flying out!


    1. The Daisy Janie fabrics are all lovely. Bright and cheerful without being over the top. I absolutely love using it, and being able to find the coffee cards when I need them!

      Thanks 🙂


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