Wednesday WIP: Setting priorities

{Photograph is Sophie, the world’s Grumpiest Cat by Bashed on Flickr. Original here.}

I am having what I usually describe as a gnarly day. It’s like my brain is all tangled up in knots so that I can’t think properly and generally feel miserable and grumpy. That’s probably largely due to sleeping really, really deeply last night for the first time in weeks – my brain was not happy about waking up, I can tell you!

I love being busy, and I love taking on lots of projects so that I can switch between them when I want, and so that I can take some with me while others have to stay at home. And I do tend to get over-excited about how much I want to do. It’s all fine as long as I remember it’s supposed to be fun. But every so often I mistake the list of things I *have* to do for the list of things I *want* to do, and given the latter is not only more than I can chew but more than I could eat in a lifetime, I get all overwhelmed and stressed out.

After applying four cups of coffee and a crochet session to the problem, I’m feeling a little more sorted about things, dividing them into ‘want’ and ‘must’ and deciding to tackle them one at a time. That’s not easy for someone like me who wants to do everything right now, but it’s probably the best path to sanity!

So taking a deep breath, my current actual works in progress are actually few in number. I’m working on a muslin for a new Study Hall Skirt, since I want the waist to fit me properly this time, and I have various ideas noodling away at the back of my brain, but right now, what I’m really working on is this:

It’s the Esmee cardigan from a recent issue of Inside Crochet. I love the stitch pattern, but the overall pattern has been a bit of trial, as I keep having to rip bits out to start again. I’m not up to the waist yet, and I’m determined to persevere! The yarn is Rowan Cashsoft 4ply, and I just love the colour. It’s going to be wonderful when it’s done. Which it will be, if I have to make every single row three times! Despite my usual preference for multi-tasking, I’m actually finding it quite soothing only having the one project on the go right now, especially as it’s something that’s easily transportable and a memorable stitch pattern. It might have to live at home once it gets bigger but for now, not having to make a decision in the morning about what project I want to take out with me is actually quite nice!

Considering it’s (Inter)National Crochet Month (more soon), I actually mostly have sewing patterns in my ‘want to do’ pile right now, possibly thanks to some epic crochet sessions a couple of weeks ago – I think I burned out and need to recharge before diving back in. Right now, I have 3 skirts, a dress and a top in my ‘want’ pile, along with a couple of more random projects that I can’t talk about yet. I definitely need to up the crochet quota!

What’s everyone else working on at the moment?


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