My Creative Space – Atchoo!

I’ve been laid up with a cold for most of the week, which explains the patchiness on the blogging front, sorry! I took this picture yesterday, when the sofa was not only my creative space but my home, my bed and possibly my best friend.

[blanket, tissues, dropped skein of yarn for untangling, yarn for cable class sample, and the essential stuffed tiger to keep me company and occasionally act as a pillow]

Today I’m working on my crochet cables class tonight and the sample yarn from last week (yes, I did untangle the knot in the end!). It’s always a learning curve, playing with new yarn, and although I knew in theory that silk was different to wool, the reality has been surprising and rewarding. No pictures as yet, sorry, but hopefully in the next few weeks.

For more creative spaces, head over to Kirsty’s blog here


4 thoughts on “My Creative Space – Atchoo!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Coming back to work wasn’t my brightest idea ever, but it’s better than watching daytime TV! As you say, it’s so frustrating wanting to do things but not having the energy :S


    1. Heh, at least I didn’t show the two empty boxes (four now :S) as well!

      Still sniffling away – I think this is going to be The Bug That Will Not Die 😦

      Thanks x


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