My Creative Space – Making more room

Because of the amount of stuff I’ve got on at the moment, I’ve come at my creative space from a slightly different angle today. The Endless Beanie is still ongoing, I have a bag full of projects waiting to be started, finished or tweaks, and yet mostly, I’m finding myself wanting to do more of this:

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Not writing letters as such, although I do want to do more of that. But engaging with people. Talking, sharing, exchanging, rather than just sitting here in my own space. Recently, I’ve found that there’s nothing so intimidating as the empty comment box, and I find myself thinking “they’ve got so many other comments, mine doesn’t count” or “they couldn’t possibly want to hear from me.” I know this isn’t true, since there have been several other bloggers recently saying how much they want to hear more from people, talk more, share more. And I’m a person too, which I think I forget when I realise that all they will see of me are some letters on a screen.

So my creative space this week is going to be those comment boxes all over the internet. I’m going to be brave and get out there and talk to all these fabulous people whose words I love to read. Because unless I tell them I’m reading, how will they know? And the same goes for this space. I can see from my WordPress stats how many visits I’ve had, but I do so love to talk to people. The idea seems to have finally got through to me that maybe in order to do that, I might need to talk to them first. There’s plenty of room in this big, wide internet. Time to get out there and see it!

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6 thoughts on “My Creative Space – Making more room

  1. Hey Laura –
    I’m lucky if I get around to blogging nevermind commenting. I try to sneak in one or two but I’m always trying not to get too sucked into the net! It’s an hour later before you know it. Best with the projects. It was my first cable project. I have been making lots of mistakes!!!


    1. Hi there,
      Not having to chase 2 small children around frees up time for internet browsing, that’s for sure! I think I just worked out that given I love talking to people, I should do more of it – I’m way more confident in real life than online, for some reason.
      Wow, I hadn’t registered that those were your first cables! The jumper’s going to be awesome when it’s done. But yes, things would be much easier if we could learn without the mistakes, wouldn’t it? ;D


  2. It’s hard to find time to comment, isn’t it? But I love it when I get comments, so while I’m having a break and reading other blogs, I try to comment where I can even if it’s just a few words.


    1. There are times when the empty space of the comment box seems utterly terrifying, which is ironic, given I’ll happily chat to people in supermarket queues and on the bus! For some reason, I’m outgoing in real life and shy online, where I think a lot of people are the other way around. Silly brain, not working properly. But as you say, comments are just so lovely to receive (thank you!) that I really want to try to make the effort to say something to people more often.


    1. Hi Laura ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

      Wow, it looks like you’ve been incredibly busy! You must be averaging one day – do you sleep? ;D They all look awesome, and so, so cute. Yay!


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