Start the week (again)

Things chez-Oxford are kind of odd right now, with lots of big decisions made but the details pending. It’s a bit like living in limbo, waiting for some kind of certainty before I feel I can talk about things. And for anyone who’s met me, you’ll understand that not being able to talk is a fairly serious impediment! The changes are in pretty much every area of what I do, so I can’t even talk about something else instead. But don’t worry, you’ll hear about it as soon as you can, and then some. I know you’re all excited now.

As a result of all the backing and forthing, my craft time has been somewhat limited, and things seem to be chugging along at a much slower pace than normal.

[I’m afraid most of these pictures were taken at 7 this morning under my lightbox, so the odd shadows can’t be helped!]

Case in point. Before Saturday, this hat was 2 inches bigger, but I got so distracted by other things that I didn’t notice the shape had got out of hand and had to frog six rows. It’ll be better for the changes, but oh, so much wasted time.

This scarf is coming on nicely, although I’m finding the slip stitch joining to be challenging. This is definitely one that will only come into its own when I block it, I think.

On the plus side, I did get this one put together.

It’s another gift for a friend, so more details once I’ve finished it, but I’m quite pleased with how the tweed looks against the print.

Speaking of gifts, last week, this cutie reached its new home.

The pattern is the Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae, and although it was fairly easy to follow, I would say it’s definitely an ‘advanced beginners’ pattern. The fabric is from The Fabric Loft, and I used an invisible magnetic closure for the first time, which I think worked really well.

My plans for the week are to finish off the mystery circle and locate my craft knife so that I can get on with another gift project! I swear that our flat eats things when I’m not looking. After misplacing my 5mm hook, we took the sofa apart to find it, only to locate this:

This used to be my favourite crochet hook, until it mysteriously vanished about six months ago. Since then, we’ve unfolded the sofa bed at least four times, never finding it. Yet it suddenly appeared yesterday, slightly dusty but otherwise unscathed. Weird. Who knows what else could be in there…

How was everyone else’s weekend? Much on the work table at the moment?


2 thoughts on “Start the week (again)

    1. You never know what you might find under those cushions!

      I utterly love the fabric for the buttercup bag – I’ve been dawdling over a skirt in it, but seeing it so bright and cheery up there makes me want to press on 🙂


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