My Creative Space runneth over

I love juggling projects* since my brain never has the chance to get bored. If I get tired of my first forray into 4ply (normally about halfway around the rim of my hat where I realise I’m only halfway around my hat and lose the will to live) I have some nice chunky scarves to move on to. If I’m at home, I’ve got simple ‘sew’em together’ projects that work up quickly and give me instant satisfaction. If I’m with friends, I have patternless projects, and if I have some time to myself, I have some nicely complicated ones to wrestle with.

This is definitely the best way for my brain to work, but it does leave our flat rather strewn with works in progress and random cut-offs of yarn. I like it, but I think my husband would rather I had a longer concentration span!

I’m going to be teaching an amigurumi class at Darn it and Stitch tonight, where we’re going to be learning how to make this little chap.

Isn’t he cute? This will be my first time teaching people who already know how to crochet, and I’m not sure how different it’s going to be to teaching total beginners. I’m looking forward to it, but am also slightly nervous. Hope I don’t get anyone who’s scared of octopodes!

Also, I’m taking part in the scrap stash swap over at Very Berry Handmade. Click here or the banner below to head over and sign up. Sign ups close on 8th February, and all the details are at the post.

(badge by Very Berry, not me)

And now for something completely different. A picture from the staff room this afternoon.

I love my colleagues.

For more creative spaces, head over to Kirsty’s here

*I don’t actually juggle with them. The yarn gets tangled.


2 thoughts on “My Creative Space runneth over

  1. Have a good time teaching the amirugumi. I have a similar amount of projects on the go. My aim this week is to actually log them on ravelry as well as make significant headway and perhaps even finish one!


    1. The class was awesome, thanks, and we got a lovely little flock of octopodes (or whatever the collective noun is ;)). Picture soon!

      I’ve found that logging projects makes a huge difference in my head. Being able to see what I’m working on helps with the startitis, a bit like having pictures of my stash helps with not buying more! Look forward to seeing them 😀


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