WIP Wednesday

From rootling around in other people’s blogs, I come across all kinds of lovely groups and ideas. One that particularly appeals to me is WIP Wednesday, since I have appalling startitis and find it difficult to work on one project unless I have 6 others on the go at the same time. The picture of my project table from Monday shows that clearly enough!

Right now, though, that inclination is extending itself from my craft-life to my real life. Things here are about to go through some major upheavals, all for the good, but all overwhelming in their own way. I feel like I should just put “my life” down here for WIP Wednesday! Last year was a bit of a slog, but this year? This one feels like it’s shaping up to be slightly mad and rather exciting. You can only tell in retrospect, but it really feels like I’m on the edge of really good things for all kinds of reasons. Hopefully I’ll remember to blog in the midst of everything else!

Anyway, my actual Works in Progress right now are from today’s project bag. Sadly two of them are purple, which never comes out properly in pictures. You’ll just have to take my word for it that the first has a warm, cosy tone while the second is a deep, regal colour.

Crochet cable scarf for the class in a few weeks. The yarn is an Old Maiden Aunt Blue Faced Leicester Aran, which I think is possibly the springiest yarn I’ve ever worked with. Those straight cables just pop right out of the fabric, and making the crossed ones is much easier when the yarn stretches so beautifully.

Victoria scarf in Fyberspates Scrumptious DK. The pattern is from Inside Crochet and can be found on Ravelry here (sign-in required). Sinec I’m using a different yarn to the pattern, for my own reference (because I’m bound to forget), the first motif weighs 10g. I’ll make the next motif then weigh it again and that’ll tell me how many repeats the yarn will give me.

Grey ribbed hat. I’m making this one up as I go along, but for someone used to DK, I have to say that 4 ply and a 2.5mm hook are slow going! The yarn is from The Knitting Goddess and is a Merino/tencel mix. The sheen on it is just wonderful, and I love how the colour is coming out.

There’s lots more on the go, of course, but these are my ‘portable’ projects at the moment. What’s in your bag today?


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