Start the week (and the month)

Welcome to Monday, everybody! It was a bit of a surreal weekend here, starting on Friday night when I had the entire evening to myself. That was followed by having the whole of Saturday and Sunday alone as well, which made the whole thing a rather odd experience. I did get some quality crafting done (results can’t be revealed yet, but I’m pleased with them) and lots of cooking, but in many ways, they didn’t feel much different to a normal day, leaving me with the vague feeling that I haven’t actually had a weekend.

One thing I have done is sort out what I’m going to be working on February. This was my table of projects last week:

And this is what it looks like this week:

There are also 2 more balls of yarn which I’ll be using to improvise patterns, but since they were in my project bag, they didn’t make it into the picture! One thing I’m really looking forward to this month is delving into my pattern stash and actually making things that I liked the look of. It was a lot of fun matching yarns and fabrics to patterns and getting the pieces cut. There’s lots of colour there, and some new things that I can’t wait to try. For the moment, some of my long-standing projects are in hibernation. I realised that having them hanging around was just making me feel a bit useless, so I’ve set myself deadlines for them, and they’ll reappear next month, when hopefully they’ll look a bit fresher!

One of the nice things about being at home over the weekend was being able to watch the birds nom their way through the fat balls in the feeder. It also gave me a chance to try out the zoom on our new camera, since if I’d gone too close, the birds would just have flown away. So these were taken from the sofa, through the window, which explains the slightly odd colouring.

These little fellas really cheered up my weekend, and it’s great that they’re now eating the food instead of the squirrels. The pests (the squirrels, not the birds) worked out how to tip the feeder upside down, and despite my glares, one sat on the path eating its way through a whole fat ball in about 30 minutes. Our improvised solution (wiring the lid shut) seems to have done the trick and will hopefully prevent us having the fattest squirrels in Oxford!

Hope eveyone else had a good weekend. Did you get much done?


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