My Creative Space – The Best Laid Plans

Instead of starting this morning with pictures of the lovely things I’m making, I’m starting it slightly miffed at myself. I took some pictures last night of my projects, thought I’d transferred them onto the computer, then deleted them off the camera. Except it turns out that only 3 of them actually made it onto the computer, so I don’t have the ones I really wanted to show you.

Ah well, Unexpected Occurences have been the story of my week, so I supposed that’s appropriate.

The eagle-eyed have probably spotted the spinning wheel logo in my side bar that appeared a week or so ago. It’s from Five Green Acres, and the idea is take what’s to hand (straw or otherwise) and make it into lovely things (spinning into gold or whatever takes your fancy!). After doing my stash organisation, I’ve found so many lovely things lurking away that it’s actually been easy to ‘shop’ from there rather than with real money. Until at least Easter, I’m on a stash diet, using up what I’ve got rather than buying more. It’s taken a real concerted effort, but I’m managing so far.

Let’s see, I’ve finished 2 projects that were lurking in my WIP bag (pictures were sadly deleted), and have plans to turn another into something utterly lovely. The other thing I’ve done is raid my stash for what I need:

Fabric is Slim Dandy in pink from The Fabric Loft, now out of stock, I think.

I made a bunch of these bags for Christmas parcels and really love them. The pattern is from the designer of Daisy Janie fabric and can be found here. It only needs 1 FQ, which means it’s perfect for showing off that lovely piece of fabric that I don’t quite know what to do with. And they really do roll up small:

The other project I’ve been working hard on is this one:

It might not look like much, but it’s the skirt that I made in my dressmaking class last year, still languishing on the unfinished pile. But I’ve had a proper go at it over the last few nights, and hopefully in next week’s space, I’ll be able to model the finished item!

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