Start the Week

Well, that was a weekend, was it? Can I have another one, please? It’s going to be a busy busy busy week at this end, although it’s all with good things that I’ll be be able to talk about once they’ve passed! Speaking of which, I still can’t post about my project from last week, although I did get it finished. So let’s not dwell on that, but look at the projects for this week.

I’ve colour-adjusted the picture, but it really doesn’t get across the colour of the yarn. It’s Fyberspates Scrumptious DK in Teal and a better picture of is here. I think the yellow lights of my office and the blue of the yarn are making it look green! Anyway, it’s utterly wonderful yarn to work with, and I’m just making a simple Moebius cowl for one of my crochet classes in February.

The paper cut-out is from my Kirigami a day calendar that I’ve been working through. For once, I’ve actually kept up to date with an activity calendar, and I love the designs I’m getting. I even know what I’m going to do with them, although that will have to wait for a later post.

I think those are my ambitions for the week, along with surviving it. I’m not off to a good start on that front, since I had to get off my bike three streets away from home this morning. Apparently, I’m not yet fit enough to cycle, if the fainting is anything to go by! Yes, I’m fine, and no, I didn’t get back on. I sat quietly with my head between my knees and waited for the colour to come back into the world. There are certain advantages to being a first aider when you’re prone to fainting!

The one advantage of all of that, and the continued wobbliness? The week can only get better! Hope everyone else has a good one planned.


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