My Creative Space. Now in technicolour

As I said earlier in the week, my current works in progress are mostly gifts and therefore not shareable. It’s lovely working on all these things, occasionally frustrating, and I really must remember to get photographs of them before I give them away!

Having said that, I did do some serious organising in my creative space this week. After faffing about for ages, I decided to photograph and reorganise my fabric stash. I’ve never really had it in any kind of systematic order, so it was mostly in bundles, just as I bought it, or tucked under something else. But on Tuesday night, I hauled it all out, photographed every piece and put it back again. This is what it looked like on the table:

The individual pictures are in a Picasa web album here, something I’m eventually going to do with my yarn as well, so that every time I have the urge to go and buy more, I can look at these lovely pictures and remember what I’ve got! Now I’ve got my lovely new smartphone, I can look while I’m out and about and resist temptation in shops as well as online.

After some humming and hawing, I decided that I’d put the fabric back in colour groups, surprising myself at just how well co-ordinated it looked afterwards:

It’s much more inspiring this way, and much easier to find what I’m looking for. Now if I can just do the same with my yarn, I think I’ll be all set up for the year to come! I’ve joined a few Flickr groups aimed at stashbusting, and watching what others are doing is really helping me to stay focussed on using what I’ve got. Next up: the scrap bags!

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4 thoughts on “My Creative Space. Now in technicolour

    1. It’s been just brilliant. I was trying to find a set of fabrics for a project last night, and it was so much easier just pulling them out from their colour families. Definitely looking forward to getting going!


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