My Creative Space – Busy doing everything!

Wow, what a week. Sewing, crochet, writing, shopping, chatting, advising and snow! It feels like it’s been non-stop here, so I think another collage is called for:

Up there is another Seashores hat, this time out of a thick wool that definitely worked to keep my ears warm! A mitten made from Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton, with a cuff pattern from Inside Crochet. I would have used the rest of the pattern, but my yarn gauge is so off that I’m just making the rest up as I go. Then there’s a sneak preview of a sewing project that’s been…challenging…to say the least. And finally, my big scary achievement for the week has been putting my crochet patterns on Ravelry. eep!

At the moment, I’m not going to be making the patterns available for download, since that means doing battle with Paypal, and I really don’t have the strength of mind or energy for that right now. But if you’re not near Oxford or Bath and would like one, I do have some spare copies available for posting. Just drop me an email/comment and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Also, I’ve had an interesting if predictable reaction to having my patterns up there, which is to say it scares me silly. People have been favouriting them and adding them to their queues and it’s freaking me out, more than a little. What if they get them and don’t like them? What if they find a mistake in the middle? What if, what if, what if. I know it’s not a logical reaction, but it’s very, very real to me at the moment and I’m slowly working it through. If nothing else, it’s good fodder for the crafting and depression series of posts I’m working on! Everything’s grist for the mill, I guess.

On a more positive note, I feel like I’m making real progress in finishing things. My craft bag no longer looks like an explosion in a wool shop, and I’m starting to think about Christmas presents. I’m going to have more chance to finish stuff on Saturday, when I’m doing a demo/workshop thingy at Darn it and Stitch. Myself and the two knitting teachers will be there from 12-4, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, do drop in and say hello. Fingers crossed, and if I can get through the snow to the printer’s, I should have the new patterns ready to go by then. Woot!

Stay warm and safe, everyone.

Other creative spaces at Kootoyoo‘s this week, which is the last official one of the year. I’ll probably carry on to Christmas though, if anyone cares to join me.


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