My creative space

This week has been focussed on getting things finished for Darn it and Stitch. It feels ridiculous to be thinking about Christmas, but that’s how the retail world works, I guess!

My main preoccupation this week has been getting these sorted out. I wasn’t sure how well the buttons would work, but I’m quite pleased with the overall effect.

This is the week’s other project, and after much ripping out and starting again, it’s almost there. Just the thumb and cuff to add and we’re done.

This isn’t technically my work, but as a favour to a friend, I’m putting my new-found skills with pliers to good use. I’ve had a few technical hitches, probably due to trying to handle tiny rings before I was properly caffeinated, but I’m about 50% of the way there. Lovely, satisfying work.

For more creative spaces, head over to Kootoyoo‘s


2 thoughts on “My creative space

    1. I’m so sorry! This got caught in my spam filter for some reason and I missed checking it until today :S

      I have a whole jar of buttons just waiting to be useful, and this seemed like a great way to be able to see them 🙂 Thanks!


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