My (jam-packed!) creative space

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These are probably more pictures than I should put in one post, but it gives you a sense of what my creative week has been like. I’m trying to get so many things done at once, that I keep having trouble knowing where to begin. Look, put it this way:

That’s everything. Well, mostly everything. It’s projects I’ve started, projects I’ve almost finished, and supplier for projects I want to start. Yes, I have a very, very bad case of start-itis and the attention span of a stunned duck. It’s something I learned to accept a while ago. All I can do when I get swamped is take a deep breath and start digging my way out again.

But let’s zoom in a little. I’ve been using the Creative Space I posted about last week, and it’s an absolute joy.

Storage! Supplies! Projects! *happy sigh*

About those projects…

Most of these are projects for Darn it and Stitch, so I won’t say too much about them here. There is something there I’m especially proud of, though.

Yup, that’s knitting! It’s curling horribly, and I keep changing the way I wrap the yarn, but you know what? I don’t care. Knitting! Lookit! That’s Misti Baby Alpaca chunky before anyone asks, and I’m using Clover bamboo 5mm needles that an inspired friend sent me for my birthday. They’re gorgeous to use.

Oh yes, and we mustn’t forget these as well:

I really bought the beading supplies to make stitch markers, but since it was a friend’s birthday yesterday, I decided to give it a go. Considering these are my first ever attempt, and I only had 45 minutes to spend on them, I’m quite pleased!

Phew. No wonder my brain’s all worn out at the moment.


2 thoughts on “My (jam-packed!) creative space

  1. What a wonderful collection of projects! It makes me happy just looking at it.

    And hooray for your knitting! Don’t worry that it’s curling; it looks like you’re doing stocking/stockinette stitch, and that just doesn’t ever lie flat unless you do something to the edges, like knit the first and last two or three stitches of every row.

    I’m glad you like the bamboo. šŸ™‚ The first time I went looking for crochet hooks, I actually looked around for bamboo because I like the feel of it so much. Hee. I should have known better, since my grandma crocheted for decades and I never saw her with anything but aluminum or plastic.


    1. I’m trying to work out if they make me happy or just plain scared! There’s so many of them, one of me, and not as many weeks as I’d like to Christmas.

      Heh, I wish I’d asked for advice before starting the knitting – I’ve been given the ‘knit end of row’ advice a couple of times now, but it’s a bit late to worry about it! hopefully blocking will help.

      There are bamboo hooks out there, but I haven’t used any. I think it depends on the yarn. Very smooth should be good for cotton, which sticks like blazes to plastic, but less so for slippery wool that you don’t want to just fall off your hook! Clearly I should do more shopping to investigate this ;D


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