My creative space (literally)

This week’s post is more literal-minded than usual, and I’ve been waiting a week to show everyone these pictures.

As I think I’ve said before, we live in a small, 1 bedroom flat, and finding space for my supplies, let alone to make things in, has been a constant challenge. It’s also a dark flat, so while it has a great view, it is not designed for a keen musician (my husband plays the piano and the guitar) and a keen crafter. After wrestling with the layout for a little while, we eventually decided to shuffle some furniture around and see what happened. The result is this:

I bought the bureau years ago in a charity shop, for the grand total of £20, which is actually less than the sewing machine! It’s travelled with me through 4 flats and a stint in a garage, and is just wonderful for storage. Let me show you.

Drawers for fabric, other supplies and works in progress

Cubby holes for frequently used or little items.

It sits next to our dining table, which I use as my main workbench, and I have my daylight lamp on top of it, since that corner is terribly dark. And yes, that is a towel on top of my sewing machine on the floor. Since I don’t have room to keep the ironing board up all the time, I spread the towel on the table to press things. I just have to watch out for condensation, but so far, it’s working pretty well. There’s even a little bit of room in those drawers for stash expansion (but not too much, my husband keeps reminding me!)

Having a designated space for working, even if it’s a part of a larger space, has made a huge difference to my approach. I still have to set up and clear down every time, but I don’t have to traipse through rooms, looking for places to squirrel things away. Everything is easily accessible, and I can see all my stuff at once, which is really important for the way I work. Who’d have thought an old bureau could make so much difference!

For more creative spaces head over to Kootoyoo’s blog here


5 thoughts on “My creative space (literally)

  1. Oh that is an awesome way to use the desk. I love those desks. You sure got lucky with that find at the thrift shop! Bonus! Well done fitting yourself in there like that!


  2. It looks like you are using your available space very well, and the bureau is so pretty! I also love that your table is by a window.

    Having a proper space is so satisfying.


    1. I should take some close-ups of the bureau. It’s not antique but it’s very pretty and I absolutely love it, for all that it needs a facelift 😉

      The table by the window is wonderful. There’s so little light in that room, I need all the help I can get!


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