Blog Tour #7 – The Sewing Directory

Okay, I’ll be honest and say that I had to go back and look up where I’d got to with these. Let’s call it an irregular series and leave it there, shall we? Great.

Our next stop is The Sewing Directory‘s blog, which lives over here. And yes, of course, I do have to declare an interest at this point, because they were the people who sent me the lovely book I was raving about in my last post.

At first glance, The Sewing Directory is a wonderfully simple idea. Collect together in one place everything to do with sewing. Teachers, suppliers, designers; everything the amateur or professional could need, all in one place. And in one way, it is that simple. In its first 6 months, the site has gathered an impressive array of advertisers, and it’s a fantastic one-stop-shop.

But for me, what makes The Sewing Directory special is the sheer amount of hard work put into getting out there and pulling people into the site. Not just giveaways but suggestions, Tweets and – my personal favourite – the blog. The site has a presence across all the big social media places, but I like the blog for the expanded amount of space available. The current guest-post series, working through the sewing alphabet, is fascinating, and there are some really handy tips from people who know what they’re talking about.

Between organising the blog, Tweeting, Facebook, running the site and life in general, I have no idea where they get the energy from, but I’m very glad they do! Most importantly right now, they’re having a 6 month giveaway at the moment, with some fabulous prizes available. check them out here, although I’d appreciate it if not too many of you entered, so I’ve got a better chance of winning 😉


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