This post is so belated I feel like it’s coming up on early from the other side.

Anyway, before I went on holiday, I ented The Sewing Directory‘s competition to celebrate 1000 followers on Twitter. I enter most of these contests, but this is the first time that I’ve actually won something! I almost fell off my chair at work when the Tweet came through, and my colleagues were hearing about nothing else for days. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Sewing Directory, it’s a great website that does more or less exactly what it says on the tin. Sewing courses, shops, teachers and everything else you can think of, all handily in one place. Following them on Twitter has really opened up the craft world to me – I love listening to someone who knows everything!

When Fiona asked me what kind of sewing I liked, I said that I liked trying new things, and she chose this lovely little book to send me:

Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve heard a lot about Japanese crating books, but this is the first I’ve actually got my hands on, and it doesn’t disapoint. Felting is the kind of thing that I always look at and think “ooh” but wouldn’t even know where to begin with. Looking through this book, I pretty much want to make everything, but the cuddle on the front might be a good place to start. The photography is gorgeous, the instructions clear and the design quirky. It’s really distinctive from other craft books somehow, not quite cool minimalism, not quite cutesy OTT, skirting close to both while retaining a sense of humour and fun. I also heartily approve of any book whose intention is to make people smile. There is no bad here.

Just a couple of peeks inside:

It’s just lovely, and I can’t wait to have a proper play. Thank you, Fiona! It’s perfect 🙂 I’ll post a picture of my first project from it as soon as I pick one.

This could take me a while…


4 thoughts on “Winner!

    1. [so sorry for the delay in replying, my nasty cold seems to have gone straight to my brain!]

      We’ve recently reorganised our bookshelves, and I’ve uncovered all the craft books lurking around the house. My husband insists I have enough. I’m not sure I understand that concept ;D It’s lovely having this to add to the collection – I’ve mostly got 1 book per subject. As long as I keep learning new crafts, I can keep adding books (or so I tell myself!)


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