Away we go!

This is a sentence that a year ago, I had no idea I’d be writing. A year ago, I was on holiday in Menorca and thinking “My writing [my main hobby at the time] has completely dried up. What am I going to do with myself now?”

After a few months of deep gloom, the answer was “take up crochet” and the result is that my first patterns will go on sale this week at Darn it and Stitch in Oxford. Since this blog address is on the back of the patterns, I guess some people might have come over as a result of that. Hi! Hope you like them!

For folks who aren’t in Oxford, the patterns are:

Seashore hat (left). It’s a fairly simple hat pattern, and the first thing I ever made without a pattern to follow. Most of the hats I’ve bought in the past have been too big at the top, too tight in the middle and not long enough to keep my ears warm. The design of this hat was intended to solve all three of those problems!

Stripy clutch (right). Yes, I know, I need to work on being imaginative with pattern names. I’ll improve, I’m sure! I had the mental image for this one about 3 months ago, but it wasn’t until the subject of patterns for selling came up that I was spurred into action. I’d seen lots of patterns with horizontal stripes, but not many with vertical ones. I also love bags with linings, so it was a chance to combine the two.

I’m surprisingly proud and predictably nervous about these patterns, but I did my best with them, Jo is happy with them, so all I can do now is send them out into the world and see what happens. Since I’m away in (hopefully) sunny France for 2 weeks now, I will have to find out when I get back!

Thank you, little patterns! It’s been great! Be brave, be good and make people happy!


4 thoughts on “Away we go!

  1. Congratulations! It’s wonderful when you find something you’re good at that you can put your creative energy to. 🙂

    How did you come up with the name for the Seashore Hat?


    1. I’ve spent most of my holiday crocheting, and have even got J hooked (pun intended), although he approaches it more like maths than craft 🙂

      The name mostly came about because I needed one! I was going to put the word “shells” in the name, since that’s the most striking design feature, and from there, ‘seashore’ just seemed to come naturally. Hopefully inspiration will continue to strike, or I could have a very boringly-named collection of patterns!


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