Shopping: Darn it and Stitch

Of course, I could have just titled this post “my home from home” and it would have been fairly accurate.

Darn it and Stitch opened in June as the only haberdashery in central Oxford. The shop itself is small but perfectly formed. See?

Isn’t it adorable? Inside, for such a small space, there’s a heck of a lot of stock, everything from threads to knitting needles to rolls of fabric. Let’s take a look around:

In all honesty, it’s hard to show you what the shop looks like, not because of the size, but because Jo keeps getting lovely new things, and moving everything else around to make room for them. Did I mention Jo?

As with my blog tour posts, it’s the personality behind the name that really make craft things work for me, and Darn it and Stitch is no exception. Jo does a fabulous job of stocking something for everyone, which considering the size of the shop is no mean feat. The fact that she’s always happy to natter about sewing/knitting/crochet/shopping helps too, even if it does mean I’m late back from lunch more often than not! A combination of a love of craft and a great eye for detail really make this place special, and even if I haven’t gone in for anything, I always come out with something (shirring elastic today, since you ask). There are jars of vintage buttons, ribbon, the biggest ricrac I’ve ever seen, rolls of fabric, stunning quilting cottons, locally dyed yarns and my new favourite brand of crochet hook.

I love buying things online, but while I’ll quite happily purchase fabric, I’m always nervous of yarns, since I’ve had a few disappointments. Being able to pick it up and feel it, or being able to take my fabric sample and hold it up to the threads makes me very happy.  Oh, and did I mention there are classes too?  Budgetary constraints mean I haven’t been able to go on one yet, but I’m reliably informed that the sock knitting one has an awesome instructor, and judging by the samples, the patchwork one is pretty cool too.  My biggest disappointment is that I can’t afford the corset making one, though, because that sounds awesome.  Even if you’re not signing up for a class, Jo knows enough about just about everything that she can probably help you, or she’ll know someone who does.  I love shops like this, and considering it’s only been open 2 months, it already feels like it’s becoming a real hub of activity in the middle of town.

If you only make one crafting stop in Oxford, make it this one.  I would say “say hi to Jo for me”, but I’ll probably see her before you do.  After all, a girl always needs more buttons…


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