Blog Tour #6: Kootoyoo

Pile of mixed fabric

As I said at the beginning of the Blog Tour project, one of the reasons for doing this is that too often, I feel horribly inadequate when reading crafter’s blogs. It feels like everyone else is turning out beautiful work in beautifully serene surroundings, and my own efforts are embarrassingly amateur. I had a bit of a turning point at the weekend, when I finished a Surprise!Project (no reveal until seen by recipient, sorry!) and it looked. Well. Pretty good, actually. This surprised no one more than me, and made me think ‘hey, maybe I don’t suck at this after all.’ That may not sound like the revelation of the century, but it’s a pretty big deal to me. I can’t wait to show what the heap of random fabric above turned into!

Anyway, getting back to the blog tour, one blog that has always made me feel inspired is Kootoyoo. There’s something about the simplicity of the design that makes me feel peaceful rather than intimidated, and the tutorials are always written in such a way that I read them and think “huh, maybe I could do that and make it look good”. I don’t think it’s so much the actual projects, although those are fabulous, but an attitude that comes across in the blog, one of “let’s get on and do this”, without being precious about it. Trying things and seeing if they work, and if they don’t, never mind. And if they do, take a pretty picture and share it with the world. The tutorials at Kootoyou are as much works of art as the projects themselves, beautifully photographed steps embedded using slideshare.

Each week, you can also contribute your creative space to a rapidly growing list. My ambition for this week is to take part! I’ve finally got a set up that lets me make things on a regular basis, then make everything disappear again within 5 minutes, which works for our tiny little flat. I love blogs that are hubs for communities, and it’s genuinely inspiring seeing what others are working on. The tours of people’s craft rooms more often inspire jealousy than anything else, but these little glimpses into what people are working on makes me think that maybe I’m not so different to everyone else after all.


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