Okay, how did that happen? How is it over a fortnight since I last posted here? I know I’ve been busy, but honestly, that’s just silly. I think at least part of it comes from doing so much catching up after the holiday, and gorging myself on so many beautiful-looking blogs. My own pictures are decidely amateurish, which is mostly because I’m an amateur using a pretty basic camera. That considered, I think they come out quite well! The point of the blog tour was to remind myself of the lovely things people make, not re-intimidate myself!

With that in mind, what have I been doing lately?

Well, there’s this:
Green handbag with purple camper van patch

Which was made for a friend’s daughter and went down very well. It’s my fourth? Fifth? Starling handbag, and I’m still in love with the pattern. I’ll admit that by about the sixth side-row I’m thinking “oh come on, I must be near the top by now”, because I’m horribly impatient, but it’s a perfect project for taking out with friends, because I can just stitch and stitch and stitch and only have to stop occasionally to count rows. For me, it’s the perfect portable project! Alice has some wonderful videos over at her site here if you’re trying to get going with it but keep getting stuck. It *is* a very easy pattern, but I found them helpful to give me confidence with some of the corners and turns. Plus, she does the best Foundation Single Crochet tutorial ever, so go check it out for that at least!

Small crocheted elephant
I made this little elephant for my mother about a month after I learned to crochet, so although the trunk is a little long, I’m still really proud of it! I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to her, so snapped a couple of shots when I was home last week.

Speaking of which:

Large red and black handbag

This is the handbag of doooooooom. The picture doesn’t get across just how big it is – just over A4, I’d say – and crocheting the sides was a real labour of love. It came out rather squiffy, as once again, I hadn’t been crocheting for very long when I started making it. Now it’s lined and finished, I’m really, really chuffed with it, for all its odd flaws.

And finally:

Red bag filled with goodies

This isn’t so much to show you what I sent to my swap partner, but to show off the bag. I used leftovers from my skirt together with leftover red from the bag above and made a reversible project bag. I would have liked to embroider it, but that turns out to be a harder skill to master than I realised :S It’s definitely something I want to learn, but I might need some help with that one! What I love about the bag is how it fans out – the top circumference is about 3 times the bottom – so it makes a lovely poufy bag when you draw it closed.

There we go, I feel much better now 🙂 Coming up soon: more blog tours and thoughts on “not your grandmother’s [insert noun here]” It’s a term I’m seeing all over the place at the moment, and as usual, I seem to be thinking sideways about it compared to most people…

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2 thoughts on “Bzuh?

  1. That Starling bag looks really neat! I like that it seems simple and sturdy but it’s very attractive. Nice patch, too. 🙂 What kind of yarn do you use for it?


    1. The Starling Bag is a genius pattern, seriously. The patch was for fun 🙂

      I’ve always used cotton yarns, although different types. The little purple and pink ones and the sort of neutral one were made of Rowan Milk Cotton, and this green one and Z’s purple one whose picture I’ve lost are made of Debbie Bliss cotton DK. (all pictures are at my Flickr account. Apart from the lost one. Obviously) Looking at the project page on Ravelry, Lily’s is the most popular brand there. Milk cotton does feature, but only 3 times and I think they’re all me 😀

      The former is very soft and makes a sort of wibbly, gentle bag. The latter is more like smoother string and makes a VERY sturdy bag that easily stands up on its own. It’s much harder to work, though, and I’m glad I’d made a few already and knew what I was doing!

      I’d usually suggest cotton for bags I wasn’t going to felt, as they don’t stretch so easily. Having said that, Alice also has awesome tutorials for lining the bags, so if you’re a careful-type person (I’m TOTALLY not), you could use anything, really!


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