Blog Tour #4

We’re making a brief stop before I’m away for a week, with what I feel is an appropriate site. Whip Up isn’t technically a blog, but they do link to some of the loveliest quick projects out there. Reading through the entries, I really feel that should I want to, I could make a mini-quilt or bunting or a leather ipod case.

Looking at this, I realise that I really do love sites like this and Craftzine that do the hunting so I don’t have to. There are thousands upon thousands of craft blogs and sites out there, and I already spend too much time reading through the ones I have. I’m considering rationalising them down quite radically, really focussing on sites like this or people whose work I enjoy, rather than bombarding myself with such a craft-overload. And sites like Whip Up are perfect, because they’re aimed at folk like me who have a lot of interest and very little time!

Over the next week, I’m in the Peak District, Sheffield, London and Oxford, and hope to come back with a completed blanket and no sunburn. I do have pictures of recently finished items, but they’ll have to wait til I get back. I’m really looking forward to crossing them all off my list and moving onto my ‘dream’ list at last 🙂


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