Blog Tour #3

After having the headache from hell yesterday, I thought I’d make today’s Blog Tour Stop a nice simple one. Like Crafty Storage, Totally Tutorials does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s easy to just type “pattern for a macrame pumpkin tea cosy” or whatever into Google, but I like to use sites where the editors have actually looked at the tutorials themselves and pulled out the good ones. It’s searchable, which I also like, and by following it as a blog, you get some great ideas for new projects. It’s also encouraging to see how simple some things are too make, although finding the time for them is much more complicated!

I do like Instructables as well, but as I don’t want to pay for membership, it’s harder to get easy to follow instructions from there. Totally Tutorials does a better job for what I’m interested in, as well as introducing me to (yet more) ingenious crafters!


2 thoughts on “Blog Tour #3

  1. I am quite enjoying this blog tour!!! It is great to know that there is creative people everywhere! I only wished I had more time to do all these beautiful things 🙂

    There is a blog that you might like (you might already know about it) It is about crochet, life, sewing, photographs, food, life, etc… I quite enjoy it and I am sure you will like it too! I have done some of her crochet projects, just bought the Sunshine Day Baby Afghan pattern but not quite sure when I am going to start it, but when I do I’ll show you some picture (only if the blanket comes out pretty).


    1. Ooh that’s a lovely blog, thank you. I’ll add it to my list 🙂 I’ve been finishing lots of projects lately but haven’t be able to photograph them – as you say, I only wan to take a picture if it’s good enough! Recently, the camera hasn’t been good enough though.

      Glad you’re enjoying the tour, thanks! It’s fun to go through my feeds for things I like. The entries come in so disjointed – all the blogs mixed up – it’s been good to pull out individuals and say “this is good!”


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