Blog tour #2

I had a lovely weekend out in the sunshine, and have the sunburn to prove it, including a blurry outline of my necklace just under my collar bone. In truth, it wouldn’t be sunburn on anyone else, but I’m so ridiculously pale that I go bright red after about 5 minutes. After a week or so, it normally fades to a dirty brown, then disappears completely. I definitely envy those of you who go a lovely shade of brown, or who can stay pale under sun cream! Since I once got thoroughly burnt while sitting under an awning wearing a white t-shirt, there’s probably no hope for me.

All that is a round-about way of saying that yes, I did mean to post every day, but as usual, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. Let’s call this an irregular series and leave it at that.

Our second stop is Crafty Storage. We’re just popping in and out of this one, because it does exactly what it says on the tin. I have a deep and abiding weakness for storage of all kinds (probably second only to my weakness for stationery), and if I’m ever lucky enough to have a craft corner of my own, this will be my first stop for ideas on how to organise it. There is a slight bias towards stampers and papercrafts in the blog, but there’s plenty of fibre- and fabric-related posts as well, and many of the ideas are transferable.

I thnk it’s important for me to post about this one, because my own storage situation is so…tricky. We live in a little-little one bedroom flat, and there’s a definite danger that my supplies could completely take over. As it is, I have space under a set of shelves, where I store my fabric and patterns – I’ve replaced the bags in the picture below with baskets, but it gives you the idea.

Then I have 2 boxes of yarn under the bed, and some space on the entertainment unit in the living room for ongoing projects. Those projects are currently occupying most of my time, as I try to get them finished and out of the way! Given how little room I have, and given that I have to rearrange the whole living room if I want to get the sewing machine out, I think I do pretty well to get anything done at all!

Although my camera is still out of action, I found this picture when I was looking for the one above, and couldn’t resist showing you. It’s a jewellery box that I picked up in a charity shop for a few pounds:

And it’s now my sewing box!

Perfect for little things! It has made me realise I want a proper sewing box, mind you. At the moment, all my little things like buttons and clasps and ribbons are stored in the drawer where my t-shirts and underwear live! That’s going to go horribly wrong at some point, I’m sure. Given the circumstances, I think both my storage and crafting is actually going pretty well. But oh! How much do I want a craft room like the ones at Crafty Storage? We definitely need a house with a garden and a spare bedroom. Then he can have his shed, and I can have my craft space!


2 thoughts on “Blog tour #2

    1. Heh, no I hadn’t! It’s very cool, but sadly out of my budget, even with the 20%. I’m keeping my eyes open for one of those big foldy-outy ones that can fit full-size fabric scissors – it can go on the Christmas list once I find it!


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