Blog Tour Stop #1: Craftzine

Still no camera, so still no pictures. Since I am just finishing up a very cute project that will be gone tomorrow, this makes me very sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hopefully I’ll be able to coax a few snaps out of it this evening.

Meanwhile, let’s get this blog tour underway. I’m going to start with what I always think of as my ‘one stop shop’ for craft, The Craftzine Blog. In a funny way, if I’m going to unsubscribe from anything, it should probably be this feed, because there are always so many beautiful projects on there, so often, and from such a range of crafts, that it’s easy for me to become overwhelmed. On the other hand, I’ve come across some fun, exciting and interesting projects there, and I feel as though missing out on it would be to miss out on the depth and breadth of the craft community.

The top post as I type is a lightbulb with little feet glued on with rear view mirror glue. I didn’t even know that existed! And that’s what I love about Craftzine. Even if I can’t use an idea right away, it’s the place I always assume I’m going to find an idea when I need it.


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