This is not the post I’m looking for

It’s surprisingly difficult to blog about crafts without pictures. I’m normally good with words, but I’m also a very visual person. Photos, diagrams, visual aids, I find they all speak more to me than a paragraph of text. I get immensely frustrated with instruction books that don’t give you pictures, because I need to see things to understand them properly. Thank heaven for YouTube, since I don’t think I could have learned to crochet without it.

So with our camera not having been working very well over the last few days, I haven’t felt able to write anything about what I’ve been doing, although I’ve been sewing like crazy! I’ve even been a little reluctant to finish things without being able to chronicle them. That one’s especially daft, because finishing things has to be a good thing! Still, it’s like I don’t want to get things done without being able to show everyone that I got it done.

At least part of this is related to the strange goings on in my head (I’ve written about it over in my library blog here, so won’t repeat myself), which means that instead of reading other blogs and being able to admire beautiful work, when I’m in a fragile frame of mind, I read them and feel deeply inadequate. I shouldn’t because I fit my crafting around full time work and a fairly full social life, so the fact I get anything done at all is great, but what I really do is read other blogs and think “wow, I suck”.

In an attempt to break out of that, over the next…let’s say…30 days, I’m going to go on a tour of sites that I read regularly and say what I like about them and something I’ve learned from them. Specific things, not just “because they’re awesome” because in my head, the caveat to that is “and I’m not”. By being specific, I hope I can remind myself why I follow these blogs and sites in the first place. It’s also important to say what I learned from them, not what I want to learn. As much as I think continuing to learn is important, in my muddled head, that becomes “things I don’t do well enough.” But I do at least some things well, surely, and I’ve learned a lot in the months I’ve been crocheting and sewing.

There may or may be pictures, depending on whether or not I can get the camera to recognise charged batteries!

The tour will begin tomorrow. Please keep your seatbelts fastened and your hands and legs inside the blog. All comments and suggestions for interesting people to follow will be greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “This is not the post I’m looking for

  1. Gah! I have the same problem: beautiful shiny blogs full of awesome projects and perfect pictures making me feel awful. There used to be several “perfect” blogs that I tortured myself with. I eventually just unsubscribed from them. I also realized that I was just one person and that I was reading hundreds of blogs. My output couldn’t ever compare to every-one-else’s output. 🙂


    1. Heh, I hadn’t even thought about the volume thing – that’s such a good point, thanks! I rationalised my feeds down a while back, but maybe it’s time to do that again. Following a few blogs, getting to know them and actually having time to do some commenting because I’m only trying to read a few posts (instead of the whole internet) might just be a good plan!


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