I get around (round round round round)

Thanks to an article in The Guardian this morning (read it here), I’ve suddenly acquired a lot of links to beautiful looking sewing sites. And since I know lots of you love pretty things as well, I thought I’d share. Although before you think I’ve gone all altruistic on you, I also find that putting links like this together helps me to find them again.

The one that’s got me really excited is The Make Lounge, here. They run courses in a really wide variety of skills, from cake decorating to DIY, and I love the ethos of it. These are skills that in the past, many of us would have learned at home, but these days we just…don’t. That’s another blog post, incidentally, but suffice it to say that I think The Make Lounge look wonderful and I’m thinking of asking for a course for my birthday.

The Papered Parlour, here, run along similar lines, but with a smaller range of courses. Their focus seems to be artistic, whereas I’d class The Make Lounge as craft (and yes, it’s a fine line, and yes, that’s another blog post; I have a list).

I’m miffed that when I was in Brighton, I managed to completely miss Just Sew here. Although I won’t be able to get to one of their courses, I’m currently planning a return trip and will definitely be dropping into the shop.

Moving into the more digital world, Burda have a whole page of free patterns here, some of which look lovely. My sewing teacher advised us not to buy these as beginners, since the patterns don’t necessarily come with incredibly detailed instructions, but now I’ve got a little more confidence in what I’m doing, I might have a go at some of these.

Also free to download here is this beautiful vintage dress pattern from the V&A. Staying on the Vintage theme, So Vintage patterns have got a huge range here. I have to admit that the layout and colour scheme of the site are not good for my eyes, and some of the older patterns in particular are expensive, but the range is brilliant and I’m going to spend a few happy hours picking out what I want.

Going back to the shopping side of things, as well as the fabulous Fabric Loft, which I’ve mentioned here before, I’m also having a good look at Sew Mama Sew!, Ray Stitch and Fabric Rehab. I’m also a big fan of Sew Essential, who can supply all the fiddly stuff that you know nothing about until you start actually sewing.

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be over here, wearing a hole in my credit card…


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